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The term survey paper refers to the set of recent literature papers which is analyzed the fields significantly. A survey paper is done in the areas of an individual’s interest. In short, it offers a final closure in the form of future direction. “Are you surfing about survey paper writing guidance? Well done! You’ve navigated the right blog”

At the end of this article, you would get to know the exciting details about survey paper writing with different perceptions. Do you get interested to brainstorm the fields of survey papers? Come! The article is about to begin hence give your kind attention to familiarities in every section.

What does Survey Paper Mean? 

A survey paper is an overview & combination of various kinds of literature reviews which are comprised of only 15 to 20 pages. A researcher has the opportunity to reveal the information that he or she accessed through in-depth research in related reviews of literature. 

In addition to this, a survey paper helps rookies or inexperienced individuals to research the presented areas as this concisely covers the key elements of different journal papers. In short, it is the shortest representation of examined papers in a very crisp manner. Do you know that what makes challenges in survey paper writing? Just look into the upcoming section to get exclusive details about that. 

Research Survey Paper Writing Guidance

What are the Challenges of Survey Paper Writing? 

Under survey paper writing, there are 2 major challenges aroused in it and those 2 are pampered in the following clarifications, 

  • Handpicking related papers
  • Selection of papers with high citations

The foremost challenge in survey paper writing is picking related papers from reputed journals. As it is subject to the various levels of analysis and summarizations, this challenges a lot. A survey paper consists of nearly 20 pages, a researcher needs to precisely compress all the investigated studies within that limit. 

Examining research papers is not limited to any counts thus one can study innumerable papers to get to know the various issues mitigated and the gaps to be fulfilled. For this, you can give a deep glance at abstract and final closures. As well as select the select required points in every paper to present the crisp survey paper. 

Then finding a paper with large sources and citations are the subordinate challenges in survey paper writing. Papers selected in the conferences are highly evaluated under severe perpendiculars. Now, this would be the right time to know about how to prepare a survey paper.

How to Prepare a Survey Paper? 

One should consider the following aspects as per our survey paper writing guidance research team

  • Select more than 75 papers from an investigation done in the particular research topic picked papers must be the combinations ranging from former studies to latest studies
  • Give your observations on outcomes and approaches derived in different papers
  • Evaluate the entire work done under serious assessments
  • Tell the concise information about the empirical setups
  • Make comparisons with the help of datasets and testbeds 
  • Discuss your research work’s future scopes

Apart from this, site the paper details which are only important according to your study. The main purpose behind survey paper writing is to give the current state of the art in the handpicked areas of research

Generally, survey paper writing is considered the toughest one because analyzing different types of papers must be a hectic thing for rookies. However, there is nothing to worry about! By getting familiar with the research fields everything is possible. Try to keep the following things in your mind while writing a survey paper.

  • Gather multiple papers for the surveying processes
  • Organize the hypothesis well which is relevant to the study 
  • If collected papers are not fitting with the study then adjust it
  • Add up new reading sections as per adjustments 

In the following passage, we have stated the exact process of survey paper writing clearly to make your understanding better. 

What is the Process of Survey Paper Writing? 

A survey paper writing process can be determined with the help of theme selection. A researcher has all the rights to their choices. Some of the interesting research themes are scribbled in the immediate section for the ease of your understanding. 

1. Chronological Improvement

Generally, every technology is subject to development over the technical eras. For instance telecommunications, televisions, cellular mobile phones, big data, cloud storage systems are significantly got transformed over this era. If this kind of technology is taken for your research then try to give the improvements in a chronological flow. 

2. Concept Segregations 

When writing a survey paper, always give section-wise explanations. For example, if you are going to do a paper on a network basis, you can give layer-wise descriptions. An OSI model consists of 7 layers ranging from, 

  • Physical Layer (L1)
  • Data Link Layer (L2)
  • Network Layer (L3)
  • Transport Layer (L4)
  • Session Layer (L5)
  • Presentation Layer (L6)
  • Application Layer (L7) 

3. Problem Complexities

An addressed problem might have different types of solutions. However, giving complex free solutions to the problem is highly determined by the researcher. For example, we can take biometric user identification here.

 In that, we can identify a user by his or her iris patterns, fingerprints, faces, etc. In these parameters, a researcher can select any of them for the process. Besides, detecting an appropriate individual is the major challenge here. If truth to be told, figuring out the exact features and offering the best results is depending upon the techniques handled. 

4. Approaches & Methods 

In every single technical domain, there is a certain set of approaches are being followed. Some of the examples are stated below, 

  • Image processing
    • Temporal or Spatial Techniques
  • Networking
    • Wireless or Wired Networks
  • Software Testing
    • White Box & Black Box Testing

Performing better organization is one of the best keys to improving your process of survey paper writing. These itemized above are the 4 different processes getting involved in the survey paper writing. Academic writings are interrelated with writing processes comprised in it such as research proposal writing, paper writing, thesis writing as well as survey paper writing.

We all noted that you people are concurrently looking for the guidelines of survey paper writing. If you have not yet gotten any proper details on the same then the following section is meant as a perk to you. Yes, we have concealed the guidelines for survey paper writing. Come let us get to know about them.  

Guidelines for Survey Paper Writing

  • Tell the main idea of a complete survey paper
  • State the purpose and motive falls under proposing a paper
  • Highlight the methods, techniques, and algorithms used for addressed problem statements 
  • Mention the problems based on hypothetical theories 
  • Bring out the logical flow among all the sections situated
  • Describe how the research work is evaluated 
  • Give comparisons on other methods & express the performance 
  • At last, articulate the paper’s significance

These are the various guidelines to be followed to derive an effective survey paper. In other words, these can be said as the fundamental parts of a survey paper. When hand-picking a technique for the problem statements addressed, you need to give proper importance to that section. 

For example, you can use deep learning and machine learning techniques to get rid of the research issues. Besides, make sure that your survey paper does solve any of the theoretical problems in light of emerging concepts. A researcher has to consider the flow of the paper utilizing a logical manner in which another field is improved. 

However, a student is also accountable to state the validation done on the particular paper such as simulation, testbeds, theories, and real-time configurations. By giving comparisons between your studies with other studies will pave the way to highlight your study’s performance incredibly with our survey paper writing guidance. 

At last, a survey paper’s significance has to be conveyed by telling its resilient features, lesser complexities, and effective performance. In general, survey papers are frequently questioned in several phases as itemized in the following passage. 

Frequently Asked Questions in Survey Paper Writing

  • What are the things to be focused on while writing a survey paper? 
    • Interpreting, classifying and understanding is the first thing to be focused on in the survey paper
    • Study all the related papers and then segregate the sections utilizing your questions
  • How do select the related reference papers? &What is the number of references to be selected? 
    • Select reference papers from the reputed journals
    • Predicting the number of references highly depends on the nature of the topic selected
    • If research is experientially based then nearly 100 references are well enough
    • Whereas, if it is theory-based references may go for 125 to 150
  • What is the minimum length of a survey paper?
    • According to the publication mode, paper requirements may change
    • For example, in IEEE journals survey papers are presented in double columns with 26 to 30 pages
  • How to frame the exact flow of a survey paper? 
    • Mention the purpose of surveys
    • State the research background
    • Tell significance of the topic
    • Give summary on classification patterns
    • Review the surveyed techniques
  • Is that important to propose an ideology in the paper?
  • If yes, how to evaluate the research’s performance? 
    • Yes it is important to propose an idea and evaluate the performance utilizing quantitative analysis

These are the frequently asked questions from the students’ side. Still, they are getting confusions in survey paper writing because the said parameters may change according to the nature of the topic selected. It is a good idea to get survey paper writing guidance from our technical experts. As they are excellent in technical skillsets, we are being trusted by many of the students from all over the world. 

A journal paper’s length is always determined by several aspects such as, 

  • Scopus & SCI publication factors or outlets
  • Journal & conference paper
  • Research areas
  • Field contributions

Checking out all the aspects requirements will give you an approximate length of a survey paper. Generally, literature only consists of nearly 4 pages which are written in a double-column mod whereas survey paper is written in the same manner but is about to nearly 30 pages.

The majority of the students are asking about the referencing counts. One can refer to innumerable papers as this gives them widespread knowledge thus it is not limited. Generally, our technical crew is habitually offering survey paper writing guidance to every possible student. 

Our digital platforms are regularly collected with different queries to reveal some interesting topics for survey paper writing. For those aspirants, we are going to convey the same in the subsequent passage. 

How to write up a survey paper

Interesting Topics for Survey Paper Writing 

  • Robotics / Automation
    • Human-Computer Interactions
    • Multi-Agent Structures
    • Self-Governing Cars & Vehicles
    • Optimal Control & Motion Planning
    • Robot Influences & Field Robotics
    • Kino Dynamic Robots
    • Healthcare & Easygoing Robots
  • Machine Learning 
    • Resource Provisioning & Task Scheduling
    • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
    • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
    • Internet of Thing(s) (IoT)
    • Device Assessing Mechanisms
    • Machine Learning in Agriculture
  • Deep Learning 
    • Face Recognition
    • Breast Cancer Classification
    • Brain Tumor Segmentation
    • Facial Expression Recognition
    • COVID-19 Detection Techniques
  • Computer Vision 
    • Deep Visual Attention Prototypes
    • Sequential Neural Networks
    • Recurrent Neural Networks
    • Video Subtitling & Action Detection
    • Video Stream Summarization
    • Image & Video Acquisition
    • Massive Object Detection

So far, we learned so many appropriate concepts related to survey paper writing and we hope that you would have properly understood the same. If you still need more information, reach our survey paper writing guidance panel team, you can approach our technical experts at any time. 

“Finally, we are concluding this article with our best wishes to your research initiations”