Text Mining Projects

Text Mining Projects

      Text Mining Projects is a more comfortable word for our top experts who can develop any kind applications in this particular field. Our great concern does not have to offer projects instead of given complete guidance for their research work.  Text mining is referred to be extract information or text from a large pool of datasets. Our research’s current popular areas are data mining, information extraction, information retrieval, and text mining algorithms.

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Advanced Technologies in Text-Mining

  • Information Extraction
  • Information Retrieval
  • Web content annotation
  • Computational social science
  • Forecasting and text based prediction
  • Computational journalism
  • Dialogue systems and question answering
  • Well-being and human health
  • Big data analysis

Advanced Concepts in Text-mining

  • Summarization
  • Relation Extraction
  • Machine Translation
  • Word sense disambiguation
  • Multi-word units
  • Co-reference resolution
  • Language modeling
  • Parsing and syntax
  • Lexical knowledge acquisition
  • Disambiguation and also entity recognition
  • Semantics and also distributional models
  • Data structures and also algorithms for text mining
  • Cross lingual approaches
  • Language resources : usage and acquisition
  • Natural language generation
  • Paraphrases and also entrainment
  • Spatio-temporal text mining
  • Classification and text clustering
  • Analysis of emotions, options and sentiments

Projects in Text Mining

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Research Areas of Text-Mining for Big Data:

  • Scaling up learning algorithms
  • High dimensional datasets learning
  • Large scale link and graph mining
  • Mining no-standard data representations
  • Data analysis from social media and sensors
  • Applying big data from societal aspects
  • Privacy in big and stream data analytics
  • Online learning algorithms
  • Clustering and classification data streams
  • Adaptation and detection for drift concepts
  • Distributed data mining approaches
  • Discover knowledge from ubiquitous environments
  • Learning models issues evaluation from data streams evalution

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Gate
  • WordStat
  • QDA Miner Lite
  • Mathematica
  • Tams analyzer
  • Clarabridge
  • kH coder
  • R-Tool
  • Rapid miner
  • Apache Stanbol
  • Open NLP
  • Text mining tool
  • Natural language toolkit (NLTK)
  • Gensim
  • KIME Text processing
  • Baleen
  • Statistica text miner
  • Carrot2

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Gate: Open source toolbox for natural language processing and general design for text mining, and also language engineering.
  • WordStat: Tool to analysis contents and also used in text-mining add-ons module of QDA miner.
  • QDA Miner Lite: Software package also used for qualitative analysis of textual data.
  • Mathematica: Usually termed in “Wolfram Mathematica”. It is a Mathematica symbolic computation program used for scientific, mathematical, engineering and also computing field’s tools analysis.
  • Tams analyzer: Open source tool for qualitative analysis. It supports for multimedia, complex hierarchical codes, text, rtfd, and also rtf file formats.
  • Clarabridge: SaaS (Software as a Service) for text analytics and sentiment analysis to collect report and also categorize the data automatically on unstructured and structured data.
  • kH coder: Opens source and also free software used for text mining qualitative analysis.
  • R-Tool: Text mining tool and also open source programming language used for graphics and statistical computing software environments.
  • Rapid miner: Platform that also used in machine learning, model development and data preprocessing
  • Apache Stanbol: Open source modular software stack and consists of reusable set of components also for semantic content management.
  • Open NLP: Apache library is also a toolkit based on machine learning. It is used for NLP processing.
Lets some of tools and softwares,
  • Text mining tool: Tool also to extracts text from the file or documents
  • Natural language toolkit (NLTK): NLP toolkit, it contains set of libraries and natural language programs also for statistical and symbolic computing.
  • Gensim: Python based toolkit also for topic modeling and open source vector space modeling.
  • KNIME Text processing: Open source data analytics, integration and also reporting platform. It integrates with various elements for machine learning and also data mining using some data pipelining concepts.
  • Baleen: Java based application framework for entity and also relationship extraction. It is also used to extract entity oriented information from semi and unstructured data.
  • Statistica text miner: Extension of Statistica data miner, it is also idyllic text translation
  • Carrot2: Open Source Engine also for searching clustering results. It cluster documents by automatically   

Major Research Topics in Textmining

  • Text refining
  • Multi-lingual text refining
  • Knowledge distillation
  • Intermediate form
  • Personalized autonomous mining
  • Licensing and also access
  • Copyright issues
  • Software support and also technology
  • Access and also software issues
  • Instruction and also reference
  • Testing and also denoising of the text mining
  • Training needs
  • Software and also technology support
  • Analysis complexity also in cancer molecular mechanisms
  • Translational medicine research
  • Domain knowledge integration
  • Integration of the text information at molecule, organ
  • Understanding of complex biological systems levels
  • Personalized medicine development text mining technologies etc.