Thesis Proposal Topics for Information Technology

Thesis Proposal Topics for Information Technology

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Let’s have a glance over interesting things in information technology

Research Ideas in Information-Technology

  • Business Aspects also in Information Technology Convergence
  • Computer Vision
  • Computing in Energy Technology
  • Distributed and also Parallel Systems
  • Information Technology also for Smart Cities
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Data and Knowledge Engineering
  • System Control and also Security
  • Robotics and also Sensors
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Cloud and also Fog Computing
  • E-Learning and also Knowledge Management
  • Computer Animation and also Gaming
  • Next Generation Computing and also High Performance
  • Fuzzy Logic and also Neural Network
  • Computing in Hybrid Technology
  • Computing-in-Agriculture Field
  • Data Mining and also Database System
  • Artificial Intelligence

Required Skill to Implement Information-Technology Research

  • Operating System (Windows, Linux, Unix, also MacOS/Contiki)
  • Programming Languages (C/C++, Java, .Net, also Python)
  • Database (SQL, MySQL, also MS Access)
  • Data Communication Standard
  • File Management System
  • Software of Local and also Wide Area Networks
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Generator also in Decision Support System
  • Data Design Tools
  • Web Development Tools

Hybrid Algorithms and Techniques for Information-Technology Projects

  • Hybrid Biogeography Based Optimization Algorithm also with Linear Programming (BBO-LP)
  • Hybrid-Signature also Based Iterative Disaggregation Algorithm
  • Hybrid Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique
  • Hybrid-Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) also with Genetic Algorithm
  • Hybrid Wavelet Kernel SVM also Based Technique
  • Hybrid-Integer Programming and also Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm
  • Hybrid Quantum Inspired Genetic Algorithm
  • Hybrid-Particle Swarm Nelder Mead Algorithm
  • Hybrid Multi-Objective Backtracking Search Algorithm

Latest Topics for Information-Technology

  • Solve Job Shop Scheduling Problem with No-Wait Constraint also Using Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
  • Hybrid Improved Quantum Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization (QPSO) Algorithm also for Trajectory Planning in Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • Multi Moment Finite Volume Method also for 2D Euler Equations on Unstructured Grids Using Hybrid Pressure Density Based Match Uniform Algorithm
  • Damage Identification and Localization Algorithm also for Thin Film Sensors in Dense Sensor Network
  • Band Pass Filter and Correlation Algorithm Based Hybrid Method also for Enhance Debris Sensor Capacity

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