Thesis Topics for Computer Science MTech

Thesis Topics for Computer Science MTech

     Thesis Topics for Computer Science MTech provide a best platform to enhance your future in research. In the past 10+ years, we are working for students; we have faced several issues and provided guaranteed solutions in the research community. Let Us know that each student has unique skills to bring it out in the research for providing in depth-learning and training in corresponding interested domains.

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     Thesis Topics for Computer Science MTech offer you new technology and techniques to attain great success in research thesis. We fully focused latest and new trends in Computer Science MTech to assist our students in order to get current knowledge in computer science. So We provide supports through our 120+ branches from all over the world. The huge number of students is experienced with us and provides valuable, encouraging feedback to inspire us all over the world.

Let’s see the list of research areas and recent research topics for your review,

Research Areas in Computer-Science

  • Multimedia Information Retrieval
  • Expert System
  • Cryptography
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Networking
  • Data Mining
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Communication
  • Power system
  • VLSI/ advance Computer Architecture
  • Bioinformatics Techniques
  • Learning Technologies
  • Human-Machine Interfacing
  • Medical and genetic data warehousing
  • Visualization of scientific data
  • Computational statistics
  • Financial engineering
  • Imaging engineering
  • Internet computing
  • Software engineering
  • Hardware systems
  • Standards and also protocols
  • Performance and also modeling
  • Middleware and also software platforms
  • Real time and also discrete event systems
  • Mobile ad hoc networks
  • Hybrid Soft Computing and also Hybrid intelligent systems
  • Bio-Medical engineering and also Medical physics
  • Wireless communications
  • Networks and Vehicular technology
  • Computer games, virtual reality and also visualization
  • Dependability, Authentication, Security, also Wireless Security
  • Database management and also Information retrieval
  • Wireless sensor networks, Sensor nodes, Devices and Circuits
  • Distributed and parallel architectures and systems
  • Cryptology and Security
  • Cooperative autonomous systems (UAVs/UGVs)
  • Distributed and also parallel computing
  • QoS for video and also audio in wireless networks
  • Theoretical computer science

Project Ideas / Issues

  • Ethical issues
  • Enriching an authority
  • Security of relationship also in E-banking
  • Network security situation awareness
  • Optimizing pair programming
  • Load balancing [Data processing]
  • Prediction of stock price trend
  • Science education for promoting self-regulation
  • Promotes mathematics learning
  • Reducing risk through inversion and also self-strengthening
  • Privacy and territoriality issues
  • Healthcare issues also with search engine queries
  • Identify nursing user experience issues
  • Climate change issues
  • Framing creative problems
  • Communicating environmental issues
  • Real world problems also for big data processing
  • Academic integrity [plagiarism]
  • Imaging cleared neural issues
  • Sun modular coverage problems [grasping and fixturing]
  • Scheduling jobs through gap filling and also optimization

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Cloud Computing: Java, Cloud reports, Cloud analyst, CloudSim
  • Image Processing: Matlab, C++, VC++, Java, Scilab, ImageJ
  • Networking: Omnet++, Ns2, Ns3, Opnet, Qualnet, One Sim, Psim, Petri net, Tossim, Mininet, Jist, Kompics, Divert, Clomosim, Venis, Gate tool, Sumo, optisystem, trans
  • Data Mining: RTool, rapidminer, Wordnet, Weka, Java, also Cpan, Setiwordnet
  • Machine Learning: Knime, RapidMiner, Orange, Weka machine learning workbench, Waffles, LIBSVM for C, Pylearn2 for Python, Deeplearning4j, GoLearn, Shogun, Library, AWS Machine Learning, Google Prediction API, also Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
  • Artificial intelligence: DeepLearning4j, Distributed machine learning toolkit, Microsoft cognitive toolkit, Mahout, H2o, MLlip, NuPIC, OpenCyc, Oryx 2, OpenNN, SystemML, PredictionIO, also TensorFlow, Torch, Oxyx 2
  • Virtual reality tying lights up
  • Explore role of physical activity also on aging
  • Cyber security training also for victims
  • Learning and teaching on Facebook
  • Improving diversity
  • Cross-convolutional- layer pooling
  • Physical layer security (Wireless communication)
  • Robust speaker verification
  • Faculty performance evaluation
  • Gender classification
  • Understanding line plots
  • Group structure preserving pedestrian tracking

Recent Research Topics

  • Sustainability also with energy internet communications survey
  • Hyperspectral unmixing also using region-based structure preserving nonnegative matrix factorization
  • Fixed time cluster synchronization also with or without pinning control and finite time
  • An exploratory mathematical microworld also for similarity based grouping to support teachers on collaborative activities
  • Fog computing supported medical cyber physical system also for cost efficient resource management
  • Multi hypergraph fusion also for person re-identification
  • Exploring low rank propert in spectral or/ and also spatial domain for hyperspectral image classification
  • Speaker verification antispoofing also using investigation of Deep learning frameworks
  • Mulitlabel image classification also using weaklabled active learning with conditional label dependence
  • Ultra low power VLSI processor also using three terminals MTJ based non-volatile logic circuits with self-terminated writing
  • Guided fireworks algorithm also using multi objective RFID network planning with probabilistic coverage model
  • Spectral method theory and also applications for blind forensics of successive geometric transformations in digital images
  • Streaming applications also using feedback control queuing theory based resource management
  • Multi request route planning also in urban environments using efficient framework
  • Sentimental features also for personalized Microblogs recommendation

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