Thesis Topics in Image Processing Using MATLAB

Thesis Topics in Image Processing Using MATLAB

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    Thesis Topics in Image Processing Using MATLAB offers you variety of innovative image processing projects to attain your goal efficiently in research. Image processing is a method to perform some operations on an image in order to extract some useful information or get an enhanced image. Image processing is also one of the major domains in research, where many research scholars and students are focused on achieving their goals.

We also have a tie-up with the authorized universities and colleges to guide the students in research. Initially, we have also discussed with 1000+ image processing innovative concepts; once you’re committed with us, we have provided full support until the end of your research work. Let’s see a list of significant methods and recent applications in image processing that are also as follows,

Significant Techniques Involved in Image-Processing Applications

Image Preprocessing and Enhancement:
  • Magnifying and Sharpening using Remap functions, also deblurring, resizing
  • Arithmetic’s filter such as convolution, correlation, edge preserving and also Image filtering
  • Noise filtering such as low pass, mean and median filters, high pass, linear and also adaptive filters
  • Filters with Morphological operators such as Dilation and also closure, opening and closing
  • Color conversion and adjustment such as pseudo-coloring, Gray to RGB conversion, also CID color modeling etc
  • Contrast stretching and enhancement such as edge enhancement, gamma value adjustment, decorrelation stretching, also Histogram equalization
  • Repetition and also ERPs during emotional scene processing
  • Blind facial image quality enhancement
  • Reversible data hiding also with contrast enhancement
  • Automatic online layer separation also for vessel enhancement
  • Preprocessing optimization also on degraded document images
  • Enhance Iris recognition
  • Mindfulness-oriented recovery enhancement
Image Segmentation:
  • Graph partition methods
  • Partial differential equation based method and also variational method
  • Morphological Operators (watershed segmentation)
  • Segmentation and Region growing
  • Edge detection (Canny method)
  • Thresholding method (Otsu’s)
  • Model based segmentation and multi scale
  • Color based segmentation (K-means clustering)
  • Texture segmentation also using texture filters
  • Bottom-up hierarchical
  • SAR image segmentation (Convolutional-wavelet neural network)
  • Tomography-Based image segmentation (Volume of lytic vertebral body metastatic disease quantified)
  • Tissue image segmentation
  • HEp-2 Specimen image segmentation
  • Fruit detection, Sequential, Max-flow and also Multi threshold  segmentation
  • Quantify image segmentation (For satellite imagery)
  • Hierarchical image segmentation (Multiscale combinatorial grouping)
Feature Extraction and Selection (Shape, Color, Texture):
  • Latent semantic analysis
  • Principal component analysis
  • Multi-linear subspace learning
  • Multi-factor dimensionality reduction
  • Partial least squares
  • Nonlinear dimensionality reduction
  • Bilevel feature extraction
  • Early fault (Rolling bearing based on ICD)
  • Hybrid feature selection (Risk stratification of 2D ultrasound-based breast lesions)
  • Heterogeneous feature selection (Multi-kernel based framework)
  • Discriminative feature selection (Shape analysis)
  • Minimum redundancy maximum relevance feature selection (temporal gene expression data)
  • Key frames extraction (Efficient visual attention driven framework)
  • PCA feature extraction (FCM clustering and also WPSVM classification)
  • Heuristic feature selection (Shaving tool wear classification)
  • Eye tracking data guided feature selection
  • FCBF feature selection (audio-visual emotion recognition)
  • Ant colony optimization feature selection (Pixel classification of mars images)
Image Classification (Supervised and Unsupervised learning):
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Post processing applications (Output as image and data)
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Decision tree
  • Support vector machine
  • Dermatologist-level also Classification
  • Hyperspectral also image classification
  • Remote-sensing also image classification
  • Multivariant classification also techniques
  • HEp-2 cell classification
  • Non-human-specific image classification methods
  • Bayesian-Markov Random Field(MRF) classification techniques
  • Abstract Support Vector Data Description (SVDD) Classification
  • Traditional HIS classification methods
  • Sparse classification
  • Multi-resolution classification
Image Analysis:
  • Device independent color management
  • Image quality analysis such as Peak signal to noise ratio, SSIM image quality metrics, also Mean squared error
  • Shape, object and texture analysis such as Quad tree decomposition, boundary tracing, Entropy and also standard deviation filtering, gray level co-occurrence matrix
  • Image transforms such as Fourier, radon, Hough and also fan beam transforms
  • Spatial analysis such as outlying points, anomalous zones and also linear edges
  • Low-level pixel processing (edge and also line detector filters, region growing)
  • Mathematical modeling (filtering lines, circles and ellipses)
  • Remote sensing image analysis
  • Image processing and data acquisition also for colorimetric analysis
  • Anisotropy and also specific analysis
  • Subsequent analysis
  • Canonical correlation analysis network(CCANet)

Important Applications of Image-Processing

  • The state of the art method also using pixel-level image fusion
  • Image processing using advances and also applications of optimized algorithms
  • Geomorphic applications of SfM photogrammetry
  • Rough set theory also for image segmentation
  • The quantification of fragmentation in ceramics after impact loading using application of microtomography and also image analysis
  • Image processing on analysis of wheat leaf infection
  • Meat quality and also safety detection and evaluation using emerging imaging techniques
  • Affordable and easy image-based phenotyping of rosette-shaped plants also using open software and hardware platform
  • Geological applications in the moist tropics also using synthetic aperture radar
  • Histopathology image processing analysis and decision support systems research also using development of a reference image collection library
  • 3D segmentation of reflectance confocal microscopy image stacks of human skin also using marked poisson process driven latent shape model
  • Shape and texture features also for leaf identification
  • Image correlation vibration measurement also using high-speed 3D digital
  • Energy-based method also for fast medical image segmentation

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