UMTS Network Simulation Projects

UMTS Network Simulation Projects

     UMTS Network Simulation Projects is our unique service started by our top experts who can familiar with the UMTS technology. UMTS Technology focuses on current applications and technologies involve and integrate under UMTS. We have 100+ UMTS well-known experts who have both practical and theoretical knowledge in UMTS networks. We have also successfully accomplished 1000+ UMTS Projects and recently worked with 500+ research projects for research scholars and students.

Now, let’s know about UMTS networks

        –”UMTS is a large scale and complex network technology incorporated with new services, simulators, and protocols for designing reliable and also cost-efficient networks. In today’s network deployment, UMTS plays a significant role in all major networks. It can also be used for various network simulations under various constraints”.

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Access Technologies and HetNets in UMTS

  • Traffic modeling and also QoS management
  • WiMax, WLANs, 3G, 4G and Beyond, also Satellite
  • Mobile P2P systems, networks, applications
  • Next Generation of Internet applications and services
  • Networking and convergence of HetNets
  • Seamless roaming and Vertical handoff
  • Location based Services (LCS) in UMTS networks
  • Classical CAN Networks connected via UMTS/WLAN
  • OFDMA, CDMA, TDMA Multiple access technology
  • Public safety networks through UMTS/LTE network
  • Personal device tracking using GPS
  • Data roaming charges reduction on 3G-UMTS network
  • MIMO Virtual Testing on UMTS networks

Projects in UMTS-Network Simulation

    UMTS Network Simulation Projects offer for your academics and research purpose. Students from any place can access our service because we offer our service from any of the world’s countries. As we provide projects from 120+ countries from the universe, we are the unique distributor that our students feel. We have received positive feedback from the students for each and every work, and we never get negative feedback from the students on behalf of our experience and expertise.

UMTS-Network Simulation

NS2-UMTS Network Simulation:
  • Network simulator 2 is an open source event driven network simulator that use for the simulation of wired and wireless networks.
  • EURANE is an Enhanced UMTS Radio Access Network Extensions that can be design in Network simulator 2
  • It is patched with NS2 to create UMTS networks in NS2.
NS3 UMTS Network-Simulation:
  • MIH framework is use to create with UMTS NS3 simulation which works in IEEE 802.11 standard.
Qualnet UMTS Network Simulation:
  • UMTS model library support for the simulation UMTS networks
  • It is also implement in C/C++ and it is a commercial network simulator
OPNET UMTS Network-Simulation:
  • OPNET UMTS Model Suite is support for the simulation of large scale UMTS networks which is implement in C++ language
  • It can be executed in OPNET 14.5/above version
  • And It is also a commercial network simulator
OMNeT++ UMTS-Network Simulation:
  • SimuLTE is created in OMNeT++ module that can also be developed in open simulation environment to analyze the behavior of networks
  • It can be written in C++
  • It is an open source network simulator

Advanced Technologies in UMTS

  • Multi-hop wireless networks
  • Wireless emerging technologies
  • Green Communications
  • Cross-layer optimization and design
  • 3GPP Long Term Evolution: UMTS/GSM technology
  • WiMax: IEEE 802.16 Standard with Mobile 802.16m
  • 3GPP2 Ultra Mobile Broadband: CDMA also based technology
  • MIMO and power control systems
  • Bio-inspired networks
  • LTE-UMTS-GSM seamless interoperation
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Context Aware Mobile Network
  • Channel estimation techniques also on OFDM
  • Low-Density-Parity-Check Code
  • OFDM frequency and also time synchronization techniques
  • Bit Interleave Coded Modulation techniques
  • OFDM Modulation and also demodulation
  • Special DVB-T2 preamble signals
  • OFDM PAPR reduction techniques

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Valid8
  • SimuLTE
  • QualNet
  • Matlab
  • Simbrush
  • MapTM
  • NetSim
  • OPNET modeler

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Valid8: Core network simulator for UMTS networks. It is also used to test the interfaces through RNC (IuPS and IuCS)
  • SimuLTE: Simulation framework for simulating LTE networks which compatible with OMNet++ and also INET frameworks.
  • Matlab: Matlab contains enormous toolboxes. For UMTS networks, LTE System Toolbox is also used.
  • OPENBTS: Open source Linux based software application. It is also recently launch UmTRX hardware based UMTS-3G network
  • Simbrush: Open source tool for UMTS and also GSM networks which is compatible on Linux, and Windows OS.
  • MapTM: Short for Mobile Application Part that supports various protocols, including ISDN, SS7, SIP, GSM, MEGACO, and also LTE.
  • NetSim: LTE Simulator also that works based on UMTS technologies

Major Research Topics in Network Simulation

  • Hardware architecture optimization also on 3G UMTS networks
  • Heterogeneous UMTS-WLAN network also for IEEE 802.21
  • LTE coexistence with UMTS and also GSM networks
  • Design Mini USB Antenna Dongle also for UMTS applications
  • Smart watch in four antennas also for UMTS MIMO applications
  • UMTS for 3G WCDMA (3G UMTS Network Architecture)
  • UMTS-trouble shooting and also network optimization
  • UMTS network also based SRNS Relocation
  • Design UMTS architecture also for Mobility
  • Key performance indicators also in Packet Switched UMTS Networks
  • UMTS e-mobility project