Wireless Security Thesis Topics

Wireless Security Thesis Topics

  Wireless Security Thesis Topics offer highly advanced research topics for students (ME, MTech, MCA, MPhil) and research colleagues (PhD/MS). Our 100+ employees are only working for you to complete your graduation with the best career in this competitive world.  We started our marvelous Wireless Security Thesis Topics service to provide highly confidential research with the optimum cost.  We provide complete training for you to get more creative ideas about your groundbreaking research. Our magnificent training and guidance make you as an expert in your future. Nowadays, we tie up with the top universities and colleges with the scope of widespread our service among midst of students and research scholars. Due to this, thousands of students and research scholars are utilizing our Wireless Security Thesis Topics service from 120+ countries in all over the world. Are you interested to obtain our complete guidance? Approach us through our online and offline services.

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Wireless Security Thesis Topics

  Wireless Security Thesis Topics provide dynamic platform for you to obtain innovative ideas from our world level dedicated professionals. We are happy to serving budding of students and research scholars to get the dream of career in their future. We are proud to say that nearly our students and researchers are working in world’s top companies.  Day by day, we update our knowledge with the hope to provide best of best for worldwide students and research fellows. Our experts are eager to train you for the purpose of share their updated knowledge for you in every part of your research. Recently, we are completed thousands of wireless security projects in miscellaneous research areas by various software tools and mechanisms. We are experts of experts in network security with the knowledge of various programming languages and algorithms. Here, we highlighted some of the important information about wireless security.

Challenges in Wireless Security:

  • Inadequate and lacking
  • Insecure Default Setting
  • Absence of Physical Security Protection in RF
  • Increase wireless complexities and topologies
  • Poor Packet Integrity in 802.11
  • Shared Key Challenge Response
  • Network Sniffers on Wireless PDAs
  • Weak Key Scheduling in WEP
  • Network Synchronization
  • Availability of Shareware and Freeware
  • Human User Interface
  • Limited PKI Support
  • Trojan Horses, Viruses and Worms

How Can Ensure Secure Wireless Networks?

-Firewall Security:

  • Zonealarm Firewall
  • Tinywall
  • FortiClient
  • Anti NetCut3
  • Little Snitch
  • Comodo Free Firewall
  • Barracuda Firewall

-Wi-Fi Protected Access

-Secure Wireless Access Point

-802.11i (WPA)

  • Interim Solution (TKIP)
  • AES Encryption

Wireless Security on Mobile World:

Mobile Workforce

  • University Campus
  • Intelligence and Military
  • Enterprise Resource Access
  • Shop Floor Manufacturing
  • Small Home Offices
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers


  • Patriot Act (Eavesdropping)
  • CAPPS II (Biometrics)
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (Hacking)
  • Total Information Awareness (Location Tracking)


  • Sensors and Smart Spaces
  • Long-Range Wi-Fi (Vivato)
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Broadband (Mesh Networks and SkyPilot)
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots (Wayport, Boingo and Cometa Networks)
  • Last Mile (Apertonet)

Robust Secure Wireless Networks on Mobile World:

  • Apply to 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g
  • Create Lessons Learned from IPsec
  • IEEE 802.11 TGi (Task Group i)
  • Long Term Security Solution for 802.11WLAN
  • Fix Existing Problem with WEP
  • Other supported features for RSN includes,

 -802.1X Access Control Based on Port

 -Advance dEncryption Standard in Hardware

 -Temporal Key Integrity Protocol

 -EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) Techniques

Security Based Network Devices:

  • Wireless Security Technology:
  • Neutron Jack
  • Benetton (RFID Chips)
  • Rental Car GPS
  • X-10 Security Camera
  • P-Doko
  • Digital Camera Phone (Bloggers)
  • Wearable Computing (Xact Communications)

Latest Wireless Security Thesis Topics:

  • Wireless Security to Compressed Encryption Indistinguishability with Circulant Matrices
  • Improving Wireless Security Reliability Tradeoff to Relay Selection in the Channel Estimation Errors Presence
  • TDMA Transmissions from Buffered Source Nodes to Quality of Service Enhanced Security
  • MIMO Wiretap Channels with Cut-Off Rate Based Finite Alphabet Inputs to Artificial Noise and Joint Pre-coder Design
  • Security Aware Resource Allocation to Matching Coalitional Game Solution for Mobile Social Big Data
  • Knowledge Based Sensor Networks for Explosives Prior Detection to Defect Tragic Attacks
  • Power Transfer and Secrecy Wireless Information to Energy Efficient Optimization in Massive MIMO Relaying Systems
  • Security Aware Channel Assignment for Time Critical Applications in Internet of Things Based Cognitive Radio Networks

  For your best understanding, we abovementioned some of the information about wireless security such as challenges, secure wireless network, wireless security on mobile world, robust secure, security based devices and latest research topics. If you want to get more information from us, contact our research organization at 24 hours.

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