Wireless Sensor Networks Thesis Topics

Wireless Sensor Networks Thesis Topics

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Wireless-Sensor Networks Thesis Topics

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    • Conclusion
Let’s have a glance over some of the interesting information about wireless sensor networks for your reference.

Why Well-characterized Service/Tools Required in WSN?

  • Reliable and Routing Transport
  • Time Synchronization and also Calibration
  • Localization and also Energy Harvesting
  • Processing (Triggering and Compression)
  • Network Storage and also Tasking
  • Development and also Simulation
  • Tools and also Programming Abstraction
  • Debugging and also Testing

Major Sensor Networks in WSN

Multimedia WSN
  • Low Efficiency / High Bandwidth
  • Filtering
  • Data Processing
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Compressing Techniques
Mobile WSN
  • Deployment
  • Self-Organization
  • Coverage
  • Maintenance
  • Navigation and also in Control
  • Energy
  • Localization
  • Data Process

Major Connectivity Types in Wireless-Sensor-Networks

  • GPS/GNSS Module
  • ISA100
  • Bluetooth
  • ANT+
  • Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth Smart / BLE
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular Networks
  • NFC
  • ZigBee
  • Wireless-HART
  • WLAN

Internal Sensor System Standard

IEEE 802.15.4
  • MAC Layer (CSMA-CA Mechanism)
  • Physical Layer (868/915 MHz~2.4 GHz)
  • Topology (Star and P2P)
IEEE 802.15.3
  • Real-Time Multimedia Streaming (Support)
  • TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access): QoS
  • 11 to 55 Mbps (Data Rates)
  • Portable Video, Wireless Speakers, Wireless Connectivity for Cordless Phones, Televisions, Gaming and also Printers
  • A ZigBee Router (Link Group of Devices)
  • ZigBee Coordinator (Bridge and also Store Information)
  • Zig-Bee End Devices (Actuators and also Sensors)
Wireless HART
  • Time Synchronized Messaging and also Channel Hopping (Support)
  • Topologies (Star, Mesh and also Combined Network Topologies)
  • Security with




              -Key Management

  • Manage Network Traffic and also Routing
  • IPv6 Based Low Power WPAN
  • Communicate with IP Devices also by IP Protocols
  • Over IEEE 802.15.4 Based Network
ISA 100.11a
  • Specification for Security, OSI Layer and also System Management
  • Only Use 2.4 GHz Channel Hopping and also Radio
  • Interoperability also with Other Wireless Devices
  • Operates on 2.4 GHz
  • Designed also for work with Bluetooth
  • Linking Distance (5-10 M)
  • 1 Mbps Data Rate
  • Designed for Low Cost Devices, also Short Range Communications etc

Major Protocols for Wireless-Sensor-Networks

  • TDMA Based Wireless Sensor Networks MAC Protocol
  • Adaptive Duty Cycle Based Wireless Sensor MAC also in Protocol
  • Slotted Aloha Message Concentration also in Protocol
  • Energy Efficient Multipath Multi Channel Data Collection also in Protocol
  • Interference Aware Congestion Control also in Protocol
  • Privacy Ware Two Factor Authentication Protocol
  • Residual Energy Activated Forwarding also in Protocol
  • Secure Region Based Geographic Routing Protocol
  • Multi Aware Query Driven Routing also in Protocol
  • QoS (Quality of Service) Ware Evolutionary Routing Protocol
  • Extensible Time Synchronization also in Protocol
  • Geographical Awareness routing also in Protocol
  • Priority also Based in Energy Efficient MAC Protocol
  • Proportional Integral also Based Clock Synchronization Protocol
  • Energy Efficient Multi Target Coverage Control also in Protocol

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