WordNet Projects

WordNet Projects

        WordNet Projects is our global research service to provide smart research development environment for research colleagues and students to create amazing things in their elitist research passage. We found our Word-Net service with the dream of everlasting build relationship with students and the research community through our combination of high quality, innovative, ingenious, and cost effective solutions and services. Would you like to conquer our innovative solutions? Call us immediately. We are available on 24/12, so you will get a fast response from us.

  • Project Development Session in Current Technology
  • Innovative Concept Support
  • Step by Step Assistance for Every Students
  • Project Development Support with Split Payment
  • In-depth Research Guidance
  • Unique and Novel Approach
  • Seminar, Workshops and Training Programs for Research Students

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       WordNet Projects service is a brilliant and glittering highway to attain your dream of destination with the help of our expert’s innovative and mind-blowing knowledgeable fuel. Our world classic professionals passionately devote themselves to the intention of creating inventive, high end and quality of research development solutions for students and researchers. To make our dream real, we also conducted a number of workshops and seminars for scholars in various universities and colleges.

     ..…” WordNet is a large lexical database of English that semantic analysis relation between words. The latest version is 3.1”.

New Features in WordNet Tool
  • Evocation database
  • Semantically annoted gloss corpus
  • Logical forms also for glasses
  • 5000+ word senses frequently used
  • Morphosemantic links
  • Technological links
Other Language supports WordNet
  • GermaNet (WordNet also for German Version)
  • Arabic WordNet (WordNet for Bulgarian Version)
  • CWN WordNet (WordNet also for Chinese Language)
  • WOLF WordNet (WordNet for French Version)
  • Finn WordNet (WordNet also for Finnish Version)
WordNet Research Issues
-Language Modeling Issues
  • Parts of the speech missing
  • Dialect or language differences
  • Links to corpora or examples
  • Incomplete representation
-Compatibility Issues
  • Licenses
  • Ontology vs. wordnets
  • Integration also with other computing resources
-Application Issues
  • Scaling Up
  • Named Entities
  • Consistent Converge
  • Updating and also Versioing
-Evaluation Issues

Word-Net Algorithms

  • Semi-supervised graph based algorithm
  • Optimized kernel fuzzy clustering algorithm
  • Common sense also based text document clustering algorithm
  • Subject specific stream classification preprocessing algorithm
  • Context sensitive search string composition algorithm
  • Modified map-reduced also based SCAM algorithm
  • Hybrid ant colony with genetic algorithm
  • Gene selection algorithm
  • Google PageRank algorithm
WordNet Research Areas
  • Local API Interfaces
  • Web Interfaces over Network
  • Semantic Networks
WordNet Application Areas
  • Word-Sense Disambiguation
  • Information Retrieval
  • Automatic Text Summarization
  • Automatic-Text Classification
  • Machine Translation
  • Document Structuring and also Categorization
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Language Teaching
  • Automatic Hyperlinking
Development Tools and Software
  • BabeNet Live: Evolutionary tool also for either semantic network or encyclopedic dictionary
  • MultiWordNet: Multilingual lexical database also for Italian WordNet
  • Wordvia: Added in WordNet 3.0 which is also used an online thesaurus
  • Java: Java API for creating dictionary in .extJWNL format
  • .NET/C#: Updated in WordNet 3.0 which is used either also in disk based retrieval or in-memory based retrieval of the data
  • OSX: Extended version of WordNet database which is also run in Mac OSX
  • Ruby: Similar to Perl module which is also used Ruby binding for language processing
  • R: Programming tool that also create interface using WordNet
  • PHP: Added in WordNet 1.7.1 that also allows PHP scripts to access all API functions of the WordNet
  • Python: Natural Language Software Toolkit also for pywordnet development that supported in WordNet 2.1
Research Topics in Word-Net 
  • Bounded Random Walk also for Semantic Document Search Implementation in a Probabilistic Graph
  • Ontology Based Dimensionality Reduction also Using an Innovative Approach for Web Text Document Classification
  • Source Code Analysis for Reuse Code also Using NLP Techniques and WordNet
  • Using WordNet and Fuzzy Logic also for Enhancing Extractive Automatic Text Summarization
  • A Semantic Followee Recommender also on Twitter Using Kalman and Topicmodel Filter
  • A Linguistic Approach for Data Virtualization also to Categorical Color Assignment
  • Evaluation of Semantic Similarity also Using Textual Corpus Based Vector Space Model
  • A Practical Approach for Extract Term and also Relationship for Create Automatic Ontology from Agricultural Text
  • Hybrid Approach also for Implicit Aspect Identification to Extract Adjectives in Opinion Mining
  • Semantic Based Multi Lexical Ranking Technique also in Protected Cloud for an Effective Search
  • Entity Type Recognition to Enhance Query Understanding also Using An Ensemble of Distributed Semantic Model
  • WordNet Powered Faceted Semantic Search also with Disambiguation of Automatic Sense for Bioenergy Domain
  • Paraphrase Detection Using Synset Shortest Path also Based Semantic in WordNet
  • Steganography Algorithm also Based on Synonym Substitution with Two-Gram Dependency Collocations Vector Distance
  • Reusable Components Mining also Based on Classification on Software Product Lines