B.Tech Projects in Network Simulator

B.Tech Projects in Network Simulator

         B.Tech Projects in Network Simulator provides most excellent projects for you with our inventive thoughts. We offer a collection of novel ideas and brilliant thoughts to select critical and more advanced topics for your B. Tech projects in NS2. Our highly trained experts train with the best knowledge by resourceful codes.  We work on any kind of program, most recent projects, and most sophisticated/complex notion in NS2 using the most up-to-date tools, techniques, and algorithms. Our certified developers offer an extensive collection of critical and simple programs for students to enormously obtain the best knowledge in NS2. We provide the best knowledge and advanced/sophisticated projects to accomplish your academic with our grand support and guidance when you join us.

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Projects in Network Simulator

       B.Tech Projects in Network Simulator offer most excellent service with a target of provide highly effective projects in network simulator 2 for student’s society in optimum cost. NS2 is open-source event driven simulator which is particularly used for computer communication network based research. NS2 is an open-source event-driven simulator that is particularly used for computer communication network-based research. Today, the NS2 module comprises components for vast network domains, namely routing protocols, applications, and more. NS2 projects are written in two languages C++ and OTCL. C++ is a procedural language. It also implements code for execution simultaneously, and OTCL is a scripting language that constructs the network. We provide some protocols, advanced algorithms, and few highly advanced project topics for your common view in NS2.

Best B.Tech Projects in Network simulator with source code

Most Important Protocols which is used in NS2 projects

  • Cluster Based Routing Protocols
  • Zone Based Hierarchical Link Sate Routing Protocol
  • Temporally Ordered Routing Protocol
  • Zone Based State Routing Protocol
  • Hazy Sighted Link Sate Routing Protocol
  • Wireless Routing Protocol
  • Wireless Network Protocol
  • DYMO Routing Protocol
  • OSPF Routing Protocol
  • AODV Routing Protocol
  • Associatively Based Routing Protocol
  • Fisheye State Routing Protocol
  • Vehicular Reactive Routing Protocol
  • Cluster Head Gateway Switch Routing Protocol
  • Optimized Link Sate Routing Protocol
  • Dynamic Aware Mesh Routing Protocol
  • And also On Demand Multicast Routing Protocol

Futuristic and Ultra Modern Algorithms

  • Distance Routing Effect Algorithm also for Mobility
  • Localization/Advanced Distributed Localization Algorithm
  • Machine Learning Based on also Optimization Algorithm
  • Temporally Ordered Routing Algorithm
  • Ad Hoc Network Routing Algorithm
  • Advanced Cooperative Spectrum logical Optimization also in Algorithm
  • Network Based Traffic Detection Algorithm
  • Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Algorithm
  • Sophisticated Particle Swarm Based Optimization algorithm
  • Innovation also of  L2-Norm Adaptive Beaming Algorithm
  • Network Dimension Measurement Algorithm
  • And also in Wireless sensor Networks Localization Algorithm

      The aforementioned set of protocols and advanced algorithms used to implements highly complex NS2 projects. Our current trends updated technological engineers recently developed 1000+ projects by their innovative and also novel ideas. To know our top development, we also listed a few projects topics in NS2 projects below.

  • Semantic Web Services using hybrid registry also based on SWSQTGPS based location technique to target underwater
  • Power balanced associated dominating set also using Ad Hoc Network Routing Algorithm
  • combination of element swarm optimization also using virtual host network based traffic development
  • Hexagonal Node Deployment Techniques also for cluster Elections in Wireless Sensor Networks

      Our highly skilled experts are also working on NS2 with high experience to provide the best projects for students from 120+ countries. We provide the best and also confidential projects for you with our great support. Due to this reason, we have 5000+ happy customers. If you feel to get any guidance on NS2 projects, our experts always provide full support at any time for you (24/7 customer service) via mail and phone call.                                                       

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