Cloud Computing Projects for Master Thesis Students

Cloud Computing Projects for Master Thesis Students

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Master Thesis Students Projects

       Cloud Computing Projects for Master Thesis Students is an important and emerging research area.To make you understand and the significance of cloud computing, we also have given a small account of what makes it important.  It has an everlasting impression also in the field of academic research.  Cloud computing can be effortlessly called a sharing platform that gives an amazing performance and great computing power, resource accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. It is an eminent research field because of its prominence in cloud scalability, load balancing, and also security. Let’s take a closer look at cloud computing projects also for master thesis students.

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Significant Characteristics of Cloud Computing

  • It has resource pooling capabilities and also broad network access.
  • By using Green cloud simulator, icancloud and also cloudsim cloud simulation can be done.
  • XML, SQL, Java, also Ruby, Python and ASP DotNet programming languages are used. It support secure cloud hosting and also based on demand service access.
  • Cent OS Linux, MAX OS X, Solaris, and also Linux, Windows , Ubuntu are the platform supported
  • Scalable, reliable and secure solutions are also provided
  • Exclusive features such as cost effective, device and also location independency, rapid elasticity, productivity, enhanced performance and measured service.

Development Tools and Software’s

ExoCloud IDE:

  • Supports java server pages, Maven and also Java


  • Deployed by Heuoku, cloude foundary , also Red Hat Openshift, cloud Bees and many more.
  • Supports groovy, HTML, Ruby and also Javascript.

 Python Fiddle:

  • Acts as code execution environment and also code editors to run snippets and debug it.
  • It is similar for JS fiddle also used for web development.

Eclipse IDE (version 4.4):

  • Cloud development IDE


  • HTML and JavaScript are also used for web development
  • For desktop application development Java based eclipse IDE is developed.

Cloud 9:

  • Android, blackberry and ios supported
  • Java script, MySQL, PHP, HTML and also CSS supported.

Source kit:

  • Dropbox provides storage
  • Textmate like IDE also used for web development.

Recurrently used Algorithms

Infrastructure and Service Based Algorithms:
  • Observed algorithm
  • Most fit task scheduling algorithm
  • Least connection mechanism
  • Biased Random Sampling load balancing algorithm
  • Active clustering load balancing algorithm
  • Min-Min and Max-Min algorithm
  • Honeybee foraging load balancing algorithm
  • Equally spread current execution load
  • First come fibre serve algorithm
  • Weighted Round Robin algorithm
  • Throttled load balancing algorithm
  • Two phase scheduling load balancing algorithm
  • First come first serve algorithm
  • Dynamic Round Robin algorithm
  • Opportunistic load balancing algorithm
  • Ant colony optimization based load balancing algorithm
  • Dynamically reconfigurable rating also for load balancing
Security Based Algorithms:
  • Message Digest algorithm
  • SHA-1 algorithm
  • Homomorphy encryption
  • RSA algorithm
  • TwoFish algorithm
  • Triple DES algorithm
  • Data encryption standard (DES) algorithm
  • Blowfish algorithm
  • Advanced encryption standard algorithm
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Key splitting algorithms
  • Digital signature algorithms
  • Hybrid cryptography algorithms
  • Steganography approach
  • Bio-metric cryptosystems
  • And also in Three-level re-encryption model
Service Broker Algorithm:
  • Service proximity also based routing
  • Enhanced proximity also based routing algorithm
  • Performance optimised routing
  • Resource location and also cost based performance optimised routing
GUI in Cloud:
  • Used Representational state transfer also to interact with web services.
  • Current version 1.1
Database Support:
  • SQL based or NO SQL data models are two types
  • By using virtual machine image run databases also on cloud independently.
  • Cloud database providers maintain access to database service.
Cloud Database:
  • Mongo Lab issues MongoDB
  • Strom DB runs on fully distributed and also relational database
  • Garantia data (No SQL database service also for open source Redis and Memcached)
  • Xround tool to deploy MySQL database
  • Microsoft Azure SQL server technology
  • SAP uses HANA
  • Google cloud sql was Google BigQuery and MySQL

We believe that we have provided sufficient information regarding our innovative cloud computing projects also for master thesis students. If not satisfied with the above information, you can contact us any time as we are also available through an online medium 24×7. We also provide you a pre-research session educating all the nuances of cloud computing. At the time of completion, you will be a veteran in cloud computing.

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