Cloud Computing Security Thesis Topics

Cloud Computing Security Thesis Topics

         Cloud Computing Security Thesis Topics is one of our prime services for students and scholars to enable the viewer /reader to fully understand and grasp requirements and methodology of thesis writing. Currently, researchers interested in the field of security in cloud computing and this will able to identify previous issues and vulnerabilities regarding the protection of users data.

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Computing Security Thesis Topics

     Cloud Computing Security Thesis Topics is a comprehensive guide for PhD/MS Theses/Dissertations and also for the subsequent process of graduation. Cloud computing is a paradigm to describe a both platform and application and a cloud user can make also use of computing resources including storage, network and software application. We update our self with most recent topics in cloud computing. Innovations, creations are also our main theme of research for scholars and students from worldwide.  We offer a list of topics with a lot of scope also for research scholars in the cloud computing security domain:

  • Key management and also cloud access control
  • Virtualized resources also for secure management
  • Data outsourcing by integrity assurance
  • Advanced privacy aware protocol design
  • Joint Security Mechanisms
  • Within and also across Data Centre’s secure management
  • Design trusted computing technology
  • Secure Cloud Architecture
  • Mobile Cloud Security
  • Data outsourcing also by secure computation
  • Cloud cryptography
  • Secure and also Fault tolerant Petri Net Model
  • Index management system
  • Multi tenancy clouds with privacy
  • Secure and also private virtual infrastructure

Advanced Research Areas in Cloud Computing

      In above we are also listed some research topics related to Security in Cloud computing. Although, many mature technologies from cloud computing can be used as a current projects that are follows:

  • VM technologies (Open Source Xen and also KVMs)
  • Amazon EC2, S3, IAM, VPC, and also Lamda
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Aneka Technology
  • Open Stack Cloud Environment
  • VMware Cloud

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