Master Thesis in Wireless Network Projects

Master Thesis in Wireless Network Projects

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Thesis in Wireless Network Projects

     Master Thesis in Wireless Network Projects is about our services and research ideas created for budding students and research scholars. To do Master Thesis Wireless Network Projects, you should need some assistance. Our Wireless Network Projects offer you great support like projects development, gain particular domain knowledge, current trends, algorithm development, and thesis writing.  Thesis writing is the most important stage in your research career because it takes a long time to complete it. When you reach us, you don’t worry about Thesis Writing as we also offer enormous support to write your thesis with complete it in before your deadline. Now let’s glance over some important aspects of Wireless Networks,

Master Thesis in Wireless Network Projects Online How Wireless Networks is differing than Wired Networks?

  • Shared Medium
  • Limited Bandwidth
  • Time varying and noisy channel
  • Broad cast nature of Wireless Communication

Classifications of Wireless Networks

  • Satellite Networks
  • Local Area Networks
  • Personal Area Networks
  • Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  • Metropolitan Area Data Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Ubiquitous Computing Environments
  • Wireless body area network
  • Terrestrial Microwave Networks
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Ultra Broadband Communication Networks
  • Long Term Evolution Advanced Networks
  • Wireless Underground Communication Networks
  • Nano Communication Networks
  • Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
  • Mobile Networks

               -Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution [EDGE]

               -Evolution Data Optimized [EVDO]

               -High Speed Downlink Packet Access [HSDPA]

               -Code Division Multiple Access [CDMA]

               -General Packet Radio Service [GPRS]

               -High Speed Circuit Switched Data [HSCSD]

Research Issues in Wireless Networks

  • Route optimization in networks
  • Mobility management
  • Mobile IPv6 protocols performance analysis
  • Connectivity with 3G and also 4G networks
  • Fraud detection and security
  • Transport mechanism
  • Issues on data management
  • TCP in wireless mobile environment
  • Data allocation caching, invalidation and also replacement
  • TDMA broadcast scheduling in multi hop networks
  • Data scheduling and also broadcasting
  • Congestion detection and also avoidance
  • Wireless Media Access Control
  • 3G UMTS Cellular Systems
  • Handoff mechanism and also location management
  • Ultra band communication
  • WLAN Routing also in mobile networks
  • Forensic analysis in wireless networks
  • Traffic integration also in wireless geographic networks
  • NDP in IPv6 protocol
  • Routing in Wireless Networks
  • Multihop routing protocols
  • Multichannel neighbor discovery protocol
  • Adaptation techniques in Traffic Rate
  • Bandwidth Allocation Issue
  • Multicast Data Delivery Approach also in wireless networks
  • Backpressure routing and multicast routing also in wireless networks

Different Wireless Communication Technologies

  • Satellite Communication
  • WiMAX [IEEE 802.16]
  • WiFi [IEEE 802.11]
  • Bluetooth Technology [IEEE 802.15.1]
  • ZigBee [IEEE 802.15.4]
  • Bluetooth Low Energy [IEEE 802.15.1]
  • Fog enabled Cloud Internet
  • 5G Wireless Technology
  • 4G Wireless Technology

Current Wireless Network Projects Topics

  • Six port reflectometer also based on 2.20 GHz Non-Uniform Coupler
  • Decodable network coding protocols optimization also with unequal protection instantly
  • Uploading small size IoT data also using eHint [Efficient Protocol] in wireless networks
  • Side information also with single prior index coding on linear error coding index codes optimization
  • Tag missing identification also based on block enabled RFID systems in wireless networks
  • Some index coding problems also on linear error correcting index codes optimization
  • Compressive sensing also for energy efficient transmission in wireless sensor networks
  • 3GPP eMBMS on dynamic hybrid counting procedure
  • Superimposition modulated side information also with high reliability downlink transmission in wireless networks
  • Compressive sensing based adaptive top-k-query over compression also in wireless sensor networks
  • Safety capacity and fairness based resource allocation also for device to device communications
  • Fractional power control also with uplink non-orthogonal multiple access technologies
  • Network initiated RAT selection also with novel virtualization system for WLAN and LTE

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