Master Thesis Open Source Tool Projects

Master Thesis Open Source Tool Projects

  Master Thesis Open Source Tool Projects offers you master theses for your final year academic projects. Open source software tool is used to develop various types of projects in different fields including image processing, data mining, big data, networking etc. Many research scholars and students are interested in Open source tool as it offers standard project solution in cost effective manner. Interestingly, this year’s we update includes a vast trove of open source tool for cloud computing, artificial intelligence and internet of things. We guide our students in all types of open source tool as students feel free ask any doubts related to project development and open source tool software. We can make your academic projects more proficient using Open source tools as we never compromise with your quality of the projects. Our experts and project developers are world class experts who have versatile expertise and vast experiences to make your project highly dexterous.

Master Thesis Open Source Tool Projects

  Master Thesis Open Source Tool Projects created by us that newly modified for students to do research on open source tool. Today, there are plenty of open source tools are invented and developed by world’s top experts. On these days, every developer in our research group has familiar with all major open source tool and they have enough knowledge to write coding. We offer most popular development tools for student’s projects, particularly in categories like artificial intelligence, big data and networking. We have focused on very few more major open source tools, for students to get some knowledge about open source tool. Once you aware with open source tools, you can easily jump into project development and coding. Now, let’s focus on few major open source tools,

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Caffe: It is a deep learning framework that work based on extensible code and expressive architecture.
  • Deeplearning4j: It is an open source deep learning library that runs in distributed environments. It also integrates Hadoop and Spark.
  • CNTK: It expansion is Computational Network Toolkit which is used for artificial intelligence
  • Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit: It is used to design big data applications and its faster to train artificial intelligence systems
  • OpenNN: It is a C++ Programming Library for developing neural networks
  • SystemML: It is apache big data project that offers a highly scalable platform that can implement for algorithms.
  • TensorFlow: open source AI tool that runs on wide variety of different systems with GPUs, and single/multi-CPUs.

Big Data Tools:

  • Alluxio: It is a memory centric distributed storage system framework that enables reliable data sharing.
  • Ambari: Apache Project that provides RESTful APIs for developers who want to develop their own applications.
  • Cascading: Application development platform supported in Hadoop
  • Avro: Apache Project used to perform data serialization with rich data structures.
  • Chukwa: Data collection tool that is used for large distributed systems for monitoring usage.
  • Disco: It is distributed computing framework, similar to Hadoop MapReduce. It is compatible with Mac OS X and Linux
  • Flume: It is a data collection tool that collects data from applications and transmits to the Hadoop.
  • Hadoop: Apache Project it is the best big data tool for developing numerous applications.


  • NS2: Open source discrete event simulator that used to simulate various routing protocols and multicast protocols over both wired and wireless networks
  • NS3: Discrete event simulator that research educational and research purpose. It is compatible with various platforms like Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD.
  • OMNET++: open architecture, component based and modular simulation framework to simulate wide range of networks
  • NESSI: Network Security Simulator that mainly used for network security issues and it provides supports for various applications like intrusion detection, security frameworks and conducting network security analysis
  • JSIM: Java based Simulation tool for creating a java based system. It is platform independent which is based on component based software architecture
  • IMUNES: Integrated Multiprotocol Network Emulator or simulator used for IP network simulation and emulation. It is compatible with Linux and FreeBSD

  There is such a large volume of open source tools that we can’t list here. We have provided very few open source tools as we provide support for all open source tools in various research fields on students feel to work. Additionally, we support for commercial open source tools like Matlab, Qualnet and Opnet. If you wish to work on commercial simulators, we ready to support on it. Simply, we can say that we makes all your impossible into possible things which done by our vast experience and expertise on all research fields.