MS Projects in Ns2

MS Projects in Ns2

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MS Projects in NS2 Simulator Online HelpMS Projects

    MS Projects in Ns2 offer you wide range of project ideas to shine you research career. Ns2 is a very useful tool also for the research process and implementing simulation framework. We have faced a lot of issues in research and provided guaranteed solutions immediately. Due to this reason, our popularity is increasing day by day among researchers and students. We are the number one institute in research among other renowned institutes. Our primary aim is to provide quality work and also on-time delivery of projects.

Let’s   see some of the important aspect of Ns2,

Components of Ns2 Package

  • TCL/TK: Ns2 is an extended TCL interpreter, it is also a command line tools while TK is a graphical interface for Tcl.
  • OTcl: object Tcl which is also used to write simulation scirpts
  • TclCL: Tcl with class’s library. It is the Tcl/C++ interface between OTcl and C++
  • Nam-1: Network Animator
  • Xgraph: Used for plotting and also graphing

Ns2 Network Architecture Composed of Five parts

  • Event Scheduler
  • Network Components
  • Tclcl
  • OTcl Library
  • Tcl 8.0 Script language

Elements of Ns2 Simulation

  • Entities: Entities ate objects which also interact with one another in a simulation program. A packet entity may have attributes such as packet length, sequence number, priority, and also the header
  • Resources: A limited supply of resources has to be also shared among a certain set of entities.
  • Events and Activities: Entities engage in some activities, which create events and also triggers changes in the system states.
  • Scheduler: A scheduler maintains the list of events and also their execution time.
  • Global variables: A global variable is also accessible by any function or entity in the system
  • Random Number Generator: A RNG is also required to introduce randomness in a simulation model.
  • Statistics Gather: It is to collect data generated by the simulation for meaningful inferences can be drawn from such data.

Open Source Code Criteria in Ns2

  • Access also the source code
  • Modify also the source code
  • Redistribute also the software without restriction
  • Distribute also the modified version of the software

Advantages of the Ns2 Open Source Software

  • Costs (little or no-charges)
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability and also Quality
  • Reduces vector lock-in
  • Availability of external support
  • Every one finds bugs

Basic Network Protocols in Ns2

  • HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  • UDP – User Datagram Protocol
  • IP – Internet Protocol
  • TCP – Transmission Control Protocol
  • IRGP – Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  • BGP – Border Gateway Protocol
  • IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol
  • SSH – Secure Shell
  • LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  • RIP – Routing Information Protocol
  • EIGRP – Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  • DHCP – Dynamic Host Control Protocol
  • SPX – Sequenced Packet Exchange
  • POP3 – Post Office Protocol version 3
  • SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol
  • SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • MARS – Multicast Address Resolution server
  • ARP – Address Resolution Protocol
  • PPTP – Point to point Tunneling Protocol

Advanced Network Protocols in Ns2

  • MQTT and also COAP IOT communication protocols
  • LEACH protocol
  • GPSR Routing protocol
  • Timing sync protocol
  • Mac protocol
  • Hybrid channel assignment protocol
  • Low-Power MAC protocols
  • Scatternet protocol
  • Reverse reactive routing protocol
  • Multi radio clustering protocol
  • STAR- Stroage Aware Routing protocol
  • QoS Routing protocol
  • Snoop ECN protocol
  • VCP – Variable Structure Congestion Control Protocol
  • DTN route and Ad hoc route protocol
  • REEP – Reliable and also Energy Efficient routing Protocol
  • Micro-Mobility Protocols

Research Project Ideas

  • Performance Evaluation (MANETs)
  • Preventing attacks (MANET)
  • Data security (Network layer)
  • Communication and also data networking
  • Smart-Home internet of Things
  • Bluetooth antenna
  • Automated lighting system
  • RFID and WSN
  • Antenna design and also coverage planning
  • Automatic assets identification (also Smart cities)
  • Lighting control and monitoring (also Energy efficiency)
  • Electrical pole climbing robot
  • Smart lighting
  • Traffic management also as a service
  • Motor drive system

Recent Research Topics

  • Energy latency trade-off in wireless sensor network traffic also using energy efficient MAC protocol
  • Multicasting also using secure data transmission routing protocol
  • Monitoring critical infrastructures in bridges also using evaluation and analysis of a prototype wireless sensor
  • Space also using delay tolerant network
  • Optimized performance in mobile ad hoc networks also using modified AODV energy aware routing
  • Ns2 simulator with analysis of multimedia traffic also in the MPLs network
  • SUMO, MOVE and NS2 for performance analysis also of AODV and DSDV
  • NS2 for performance evaluation of AODV under black hole attack also in MANET
  • Future micro grids in NS2 also using communication system design and simulation
  • MANET based on NS2 also using relative analysis of AODV and DSDV routing protocols

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