Network Security Projects

Network Security Projects

    Network Security Projects are the experiments performed not only for students but also for scholars pursuing their PhD. The act of providing security for information also in a network is termed Network Security. 5G is a well-known topic that is enabled to operate on different networks and meets the security requirements. The applicability of massive connectivity in 5G increases the issues of security. Our wealth is to work with experienced faculties to handle and also motivate the younger generation of graduates. We work on IEEE Projects, also Application Projects, Real-time Projects, Online Projects, and Embedded Projects

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    Network Security Projects in 5G includes secure 5G network architecture, Quantum Safe Cryptography, Diameter Security, Trust Models, Smart mobile trust, Cybercrime detections, also Sharing secret, Security for NOMA, Blockchain and Physical layer security. From our research life experience, we also share the importance and also concepts of Network Projects.

Online  Network Security Projects  for students DESIRES OF NETWORK SECURITY
  • Confidentiality (Lightweight algorithms / Cryptography techniques)
  • Integrity (Watermarking / Digital Signature / Encryption)
  • Multi-model Authentication (Biometrics like fingerprint, also iris, etc,. / Other parameters)
  • Access Control (Policies / Secure registration / Tokens)


Software Defined Networks
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Pattern Matching
  • Intrusion Detection systems
  • And also in Handover Authentication
Network Function Virtualization
  • Anomaly Detection Mechanisms
  • Security at control plane
  • And also Isolation of VNF
Ad hoc Networks
  • Secure PHY / MAC / Routing Protocols
  • Trust Establishment
  • Secure Real-time Optimized Systems
  • Cyber Security in Intelligent Vehicular Applications
  • And also in Cyber attacks in ITS network
Vehicular Cloud Computing
  • Encrypted Search data
  • Integrity verification / Authentication / Access Control
  • Security assured Data Storage
  • And also Monitoring Security
Cognitive Radio Networks / Cognitive Satellite Terrestrial Networks
  • Secure Beamforming
  • Secure-data transmission
  • Prevention of Jamming signals
  • Dual Antenna Selection
  • Mitigation of Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification attack

  From our in-depth knowledge and a recent study, we have also addressed Network Security, especially in 5G, which is a significant area that created fame among academic learners. Security Projects identifies the future security need and defines privacy features to technically also support the designed Network.

  • Fog and cloud computing in 5G using Network Service Chaining also for security and Data Management.
  • An efficient public key cryptography design also for 5G Networks.
  • Security in 5G also using Pseudo Random Generators.
  • 5G applications also focusing on Physical Layer Security.
  • Performance of Physical layer security and also cooperative data transmission in 5G using Graph theory.
  • Denial of Service attack reduction also by using Pseudonymous authentication in 5G with Vehicular Ad hoc Networks.
  • Performance of Secure Communication in 5G Networks also using a method called True Random Number Generator.
  • Novel Signcryption schemes proposed also for Mutual Heterogeneous 5G Networks.
  • 5G Network with Wireless Sensor Network also using Two–Factor Authentication Key Agreement for providing efficient authentication.
  • Concentrating on Spoofing attacks over 5G Network also for performing Wireless Communication.
  • Achieving Privacy–Preservation in 5G Network also for the performance of Device–to–Device Communication.
  • Design of Intrusion Detection System also in Software Defined Network along 5G Network using Machine learning algorithm.
  • Provisioning of security in Software Defined Network enabled Vehicular Network also for performing group communication.
  • Predicting Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification attack in 5G also based Cognitive Radio Networks also using MAC structure.

     Network Projects are enormously assisted by our energized developing team with the knowledge on Ns3C-RAN simulatorMATLABNYUSIMPyLayersOpenAirInterfaceTMOMNeT++, and also more. Network Security involves monitoring and preventing the participation of illegitimate users. We also support all other Project areas as Cloud computing, Big Data, Hadoop, Edge Computing, the Internet of Things, and more. Please communicate with us also to enrich your final academy study with colorful Security Projects.