Network Simulator Master Thesis in Canada

Network Simulator Master Thesis in Canada

  Network Simulator Master Thesis in Canada offer incredible and miraculous service for you to get highly prepared thesis from us. Day-by-day, the enormous of hi-fi technologies are quickly improved in this animatronics world. Our celebrated and fanatical brilliants develop uptrend of extremely sophisticated projects for you with the use of highly improved techniques, recently implemented algorithms, enhanced tools, highly effectual pseudo code and so on. We are not experienced and dedicated in static areas and we also have exceedingly powerful brain with new trend updated knowledge in both present and past version of tools and vast domains. We give full autonomous for our students to select tools, recently updated algorithms, advanced domains with and without our domain wise brilliants. If you want to combine with us, you can call us immediately without any delay.

Network Simulator Master Thesis in Canada:

  Network Simulator Master Thesis in Canada offer extremely standardized thesis for you to accomplish your highly impressive research with grand achievements. Ns2 is a GUI driven or discrete event driven packet simulator and it has package of tools to simulate computer network behavior or vast of protocols by analyzing the interface between different entities (Packets or host) using equations and formula. It illustrates condition of the network (Routers, Nodes, Links and Switches) and events/activities (Bugs in Packets and Data/packet transmission). There are two different programming languages are used to implement Ns2 project such as TCL (to configure network) and C++ (to regulate protocol functionality and create new protocols). Let’s converse about best simulation steps, major protocols and network attacks.

Simulation Steps:

  • Implementation of Protocol Model (Node creation)
  • Setup Simulation Scenario by defining Topologies (Topology Creation)
  • Run Simulation (Routing and Packet Transmission)
  • Analyze Experimental Output

  We are aforementioned major simulation steps for your great comprehensible idea.  Let’s converse about protocols which consist of communication rules and standard guidance to communicate information with each other and provide comprehensive information on processes involved in data/ information transmission. For you better understanding, we entitled very few protocols in various domains, which are extensively used in our NS2 project development.

  • Spectrum Aware Mesh Routing Protocol
  • Bandwidth Efficient Multicast Routing Protocol
  • An Enhanced Multi-Hop Vehicular Broadcast Routing Protocol
  • Urban Multi-hop Broadcast Protocol
  • A contention Free Broadcast Protocol
  • Dynamic Aware Mesh Routing Protocol
  • Fisheye State Routing Protocol
  • Cluster Based Head Gateway Switch Routing Protocol
  • Sparse and Broadcast Network Routing Protocol
  • Dynamic MANET On-demand Routing Protocol
  • Ad Hoc Multi Hoc Broadcast Protocol
  • Open Short Path First Routing Protocol

  In this advanced world, there is diverse of technologies rapidly increased as hi-tech communication facility. On the other hand, the network hackers are raised to attack secure information or stole particular secret information for network or computer system that is operation of interrupt, degrade, deny or destroy secure information. In below, we talk about some of the network attacks for your identification.

  • First Massive Cyber Attack in Internet of Things Device
  • Vulnerabilities in Network Protocol
  • Man in the Middle Attack (MITM)
  • Application Layer Attack
  • Social Media Scams Attack
  • Compromised Key Attack
  • Spam and Address Forgery Attack
  • SYN Sniffer Attack
  • Browser Attack
  • BOTNET Attack
  • Routing Attack
  • Oracle MICROS Attack
  • Distributed Denial of Service Attack
  • Mark Zucker-berg Hack
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) Spoofing Attack
  • Software Vulnerabilities and Software Updates Based Attacks
  • Tax Scams and Identity Based Theft- Tax Refund Fraud
  • Authentication Password Based Attacks
  • DYN DDoS Cyber Criminal Attacks


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