Network Simulator Master Thesis in Ghana

Network Simulator Master Thesis in Ghana

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Simulator Master Thesis in Ghana

          Network Simulator Master Thesis in Ghana is one of our magnificent services to provide topmost quality of standardized thesis also for you to get high grade in your cerebral research. Ns2 is a discrete event packet and object-oriented simulator widely targeted in both local and satellite networking research by universities and companies researchers.

Our world-class celebrated experts develop wire range NS2 also based projects in vast research areas such as sensor-based networks, wireless networks, wired networks, ad hoc based networks, etc. Now, we converse about Ad Hoc Networks characteristics, challenges, also major attacks, and security goals

Major Characteristics of Ad Hoc Networks

  • More Flexible
  • Robust Network
  • Cost Effective
  • Limited Channel Bandwidth
  • Highly Dynamic Network Topologies
  • And also High Mobility

Foremost Challenges in Ad Hoc Networks

  • Hidden Terminals
  • Limited Wireless Range
  • Device Heterogeneity
  • Routes changes
  • Limited Resource constrained computation
  • Low quality communication
  • Battery Power Constraints
  • Packet Losses

Primary Attacks in Ad Hoc Networks

  • Collusion Black Hole Attacks
  • Byzantine Attacks
  • Message Tempering Attacks
  • SYN flooding Attacks
  • RREQ Flooding Attacks
  • Session Hijacking Attacks
  • Mitigate Hello Flood Attack
  • ANSN Attacks
  • MPR Attacks
  • Rushing attacks
  • Packet Drop Attacks
  • Incorrect TC Message Generation Attacks
  • Reputation Attacks
  • Replay and Weak Key also Based Attacks
  • Gary Hole Attacks
  • Data Corruption Attacks
  • Location Disclosure Attacks
  • Sybil Attacks
  • Sink Hole Attacks
  • Parallelized Side Channel Attacks
  • Incorrect HELLO Message Generation Attacks
  • Sleep Deprivation/ Resource Consumption Attacks
  • Wormhole Attacks
  • Message Violence and also other DoS Attacks

Key of Security Goals in Ad Hoc Networks

  • High Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Accessibility
  • Non- Reputation
  • Authentication
  • Access Control

       We also above mentioned very few ideas about key characteristics, main challenges, primary attacks, and major security goals. Ad Hoc Networks is also a set of mobile wireless nodes (Act as Routers) structuring a network to communicate with each node directly without any infrastructure or centralized administration. We also talk about some of the Ad Hoc Network area, highly sophisticated algorithms, and foremost protocols.

Ad Hoc Networks

  • Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Multi Hop Ad Hoc Networks
  • Bounded Ad Hoc Networks
  • Hybrid Wireless also in Ad Hoc Networks
  • Flying Ad Hoc Networks
  • Cognitive Radio also in Ad Hoc Networks
  • Hybrid Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • Multi-Channel also in Ad Hoc Networks
  • Civil Aeronautical Ad Hoc Networks
  • Delay Tolerant Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  • Wireless In-Band Full Duplex Ad Hoc Networks
  • Heterogeneous also in Ad Hoc Networks

Algorithms and Protocols

  • RAEED Protocol
  • On Demand Distance Vector Protocol
  • An Advanced Robust Routing Protocol
  • A Moving also Based Zone Routing Algorithm
  • Adaptive Location Aware Routing Protocol
  • An Advanced Geographical Location Aware also Route Selection Algorithm
  • Efficient Energy and also Mobility Aware Routing Algorithm
  • Location also Based Self Adaptive Routing Algorithm
  • Traffic Aware Routing Protocol
  • An Efficient Energy and also Adaptive Clustering Protocol
  • Quality of Service Aware Evolutionary also Based Routing Protocol
  • Regularity Aware Route driven Placement Prototyping Algorithm

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