Network Simulators Comparison for Routing

Network Simulators Comparison for Routing

      Network Simulators Comparison for Routing is our breathtaking service initiate with the vision of serve students and research fellows to reach grand position in their future. We provide our marvellous guidance for you to upgrade your knowledge to successfully accomplish your graduation. Our training helps you to stand with record-breaking experts in your future. We offer step by step assistance for you to acquire complete knowledge in Network Simulator Comparison for Routing. Our major goal is to provide our creative and innovative ideas for you to become a magnificent expert in network simulation.

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Network Simulators Comparison for Routing ListSimulators Comparison for Routing

       Network Simulators Comparison for Routing offers highly sophisticated projects for you to select best project topics with the help of marvelous brilliant’s guidance. We have the best knowledge of miscellaneous network simulators and other external tools. Day by day, we can also renovate our knowledge with algorithms, mechanisms, protocols, techniques, technologies, tools, and software.

These days, we have implemented thousands of network simulation projects using advanced routing protocols, mechanisms, and algorithms in most popular networking research areas such as underwater sensor networks, wireless sensor networks, distributed wireless sensor networks, wireless ad hoc sensor networks, space delay tolerant networks, etc. Network simulator projects must be satisfy routing properties during network simulations. We also consider all routing properties in our network simulation projects. Here, we also listed some of the routing properties for your better understanding,

Routing Properties

  • Route Availability
  • Routing Structure
  • Mobility Handling Effects
  • Traffic Control Volume
  • Storage Requirements
  • Scalability Level to Perform Efficient Routing
  • Delay Level

Network Simulators

  • Open Source simulators
  • Commercial Simulators

Open Source simulators

  • It is the best simulator also for SN (Sensor Networks)
  • Simulate Wireless Sensor Network LEACH Protocols in NS2
  • It support Wireless Sensor Network Security also to analyze data aggregation result
  • Also It can easily analyze performance of DSDV routing protocols in Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks
  • Supported routing protocols are TORA, AODV, DSDV and also DSR
  • It is the best simulation tool also for IEEE 802.11p VANETs
  • Also It has emulation mode also for integration with the real networks
  • It support multicast enabled network mobility management to

           -Packet loss

           -Packet delivery

           -Handover Performance

  • IPV4 Routing Protocols also for pre-simulation static route computation
  • Supported other routing protocols including OLSR, AODV, and also SPRP etc.
  • It is the best simulator also for firewall and IPS implementation for simulation of security on large scale networks
  • Java SSF API high performance commercial implementation
  • SSFNet framework on ISSF C++ kernel which gain more performance in distributed and also parallel execution
  • It enable to set up synchronize flood based DDoS attack scenario also in simulation of SSFNet
  • SSFNet supported protocols including OSPFv2, DYMO, also BRP4 etc
  • OMNET++ Simulator INET library also using ad hoc routing protocols such as DSR, AODV and DSR
  • Other routing protocols for network simulation DSDV, MAODV, TORA, FLAODV, TEEN, LAL and also PEGASIS
  • Mobility Aware Routing also used in Mobile Robotic Networks
  • Performance matrices including

           -Packet delivery ratio

           -Average end to end delay


Commercial Simulators:

  • Support for Grid Computing and scalable wireless simulation
  • Open Interface also for external component libraries integration
  • Simulate ZigBee Network in OPNET
  • Other routing protocols including GRP, DSR, OLSR, EIGRP, RIP and also OSPF
  • OPNET modeler reduced challenges task also in WSN simulation including

           -Energy Limitations

           -Hardware Design

           -Deploy vast array of nodes

  • Simulate DSDV Routing Protocol in OPNET (Academic version of 17.5) using parameters such as


           -Packet delivery

           -End to end delay

  • It is also a best tool for sensor node localization in mobile underwater sensor networks
  • Uses OLSR routing protocol also for provide efficiency and accuracy in VANETs simulation
  • Supported routing protocols are DSR, AODV, ZRP and OLSR
  • It has very flexible Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) Library
  • Also It sufficient for Underwater Sensor Networks (UWSN)
  • Supported Routing Protocols including OSPF, RIP (location based, power aware also based routing protocols)
Routing Mechanisms in Network Simulators:
  • MTree_Nix Routing Mechanism
  • QoS Aware Routing Mechanism with IEEE 802.16
  • ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) also inspired Information Centric Networking Routing Mechanism
  • Storage Carry Forward Routing Mechanism
  • Geographical Proximity Aware Multi-Path Routing Mechanism
  • Multi Parallel Links Exploiting Packet Re-Routing Mechanism
  • Policy Configurable Dynamic Routing Mechanism
  • Low Cost Fully Adaptive Routing Mechanism
  • P2P also Based Market Guided Distributed Routing Mechanism
  • Domain also Based Query Routing Mechanism
  • Load Balancing also Based Routing Optimization Mechanism
  • Survivability Routing Mechanism
  • Wide Area Content also Based Routing Mechanism


We also mentioned some of the important information about network simulators and routing, including routing properties, information about simulators, and routing mechanisms. If you are also aspired to utilize our Comparison also for Routing service, contact our branch at 24/7/365.

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