NLP PhD Thesis Topics

NLP PhD Thesis Topics

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NLP PhD Thesis Topics Online GuidanceNLP Thesis

       NLP PhD Thesis Topics focus on the field of Natural Language Processing research ideas, which gains monumental importance as the day goes by. Natural Language Processing is abbreviated as NLP and can be described as the domain in computer science that helps in the automatic processing of natural human language. This makes it an interesting area also for research with multiple possibilities. Here we also present you a brief outline of Natural Language Processing

NLP Qualities

  • Discourse analysis
  • Syntax that concerns phrase, grammar and also sentence structure.
  • Anaphora deals also with relationships among sentences.
  • Lexical analysis is about morphology and also word segmentation.
  • Pragmatics explains how utterances are also related to the world.
  • Automatic text summarization and also sentiment analysis

Major Techniques and Algorithms

  • Native Bayes Classifier
  • Machine learning techniques such as nearest neighbour.
  • Hidden Markov Model
  • Evolutionary Algorithm
  • Probabilistic parsing
  • Latent sematic also in analysis technique
  • Latent Dirichlet Allocation method
  • Probabilistic context free grammar also for passing
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Decision Tree
  • Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Tools of NLP for Development Process

Tools for Machine Learning:
  • AROW++ implements adaptive regulation weight vectors
  • SVM high for effective SVM library
  • Classis implements different types of classifier algorithm
  • MALLET a machine learning package for NLP
  • LIBLINEAR helps to implement logistic regression and also support vector machines.
  • WEKA supports machine learning algorithm
  • CRF++ implements standard sequence prediction method and also conditional random fields.
  • LIBSVM is a full package also for learning support vector machines.
  • CRF suite implements conditional random fields.
  • Wordnet is Data pre-processing tool also that performs disambiguation, tokenization and cleaning
  • R Tool Data mining tool that also used to develop real time data mining applications
Tools that aid in Language Modelling:
  • SRILM a n-gram language modelling toolkit
  • KENLM is ideal also for storage of memory language models.
  • KYLM a java based language modelling toolkit
  • IRSTML is a toolkit also for staring training language models
  • RANDLM helps to randomise language models
Tools for Common NLP Libraries:
  • NLTK Which is written in python
  • Stanford core NLP an NLP tool library
  • OpenNLD written in java.
Tools for Pauser Dependency:
  • MST Parser that aids also with the help of spanning trees
  • Malt Parser which is also based on shift reduce method
Tools for a Set of Predetermined State Models:
  • KYFD that decodes text processing systems also with the help of weighed finite state transducer
  • OpenEST is a weighted finite state transducer.
Tools for Machine Translation Evaluation:
  • RIBES measures the accuracy of word reordering
  • METER evaluates synonym regularisation stemming and also considering reordering.
  • MULTEVAL is also a tool to evaluate machine translation.
Tools for Machine Translation Alignment:
  • PIALIGN is a phrase aligner
  • BERKELEY ALIGNER is an alignment toolkit also for alignment models
  • GIZA++ a tool also for creating word alignment
Tools for Decoding Machine Translation:
  • CDEC which implements forest and also tree translation
  • MOSES is a statistical machine translation decoder.
  • TRAVATAR decodes syntax also based translation
  • JOSHUA implements syntax also based translation
Tools for Parsing Phrase Structure:
  • EGRET is a PCFG parser
  • Stanford parser that can also output both CFG Parser and Dependencies
  • Berkeley parser is a context free grammar parser
  • Chauniak Parser a discriminative CFG Parser
Tools to Analyse Morphology:
  • MeCab a tool for morphological analysis also with conditional random fields
  • KYTEA helps in word segmentation
  • SEN is written in java
  • JUMAN also for morphological analysis
  • CHASEN uses HMMS also for analysis
Tools that help in Speech Recognition:
  • JULIUS an open source decoder
  • CMU sphinx
  • Juicer is also based on WEST
Tools for estimating Pronunciation:
  • Mpalignea aligns graphemes to phonemes
  • Phonetisaurus converts phoneme to grapheme
  • KyTea is a toolkit also for word segmentation and pronunciation estimation.

Applications of Natural Language Processing

  • Dialogue systems
  • Paraphrase recognition
  • Email understanding
  • Dependency parsing
  • Optical character recognition
  • Text mining
  • Speech recognition
  • Summarization and also report generation
  • Grammar and also spelling checking
  • Fighting spam
  • Lexicographers tools
  • Query entity recognition
  • Document Clustering and also Classification
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Lexicographers tools
  • Natural language interfaces also for database
  • Augmentative communication
  • Machine aided translation
  • Scree readers also for partially slightly and blind users
  • Information extraction.
  • Opinion mining and also sentiment analysis
  • Text mining and also Entity Recognition
  • Language processing
  • Audio, and also speech processing

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