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     Cooja simulator plays a major role and also highly preferred in Internet of Things because it connects low power and also tiny low-cost microcontrollers to the Internet. By using cooja simulator, we can simulate gateway i.e. sensor nodes can communicate also with a client via gateway. Cooja can act as both Emulator and Simulator.

Contiki OS + Cooja Simulator

  • Open source operating system also for Internet of Things
  • Support variety of IoT Protocols

                          -OAuth 2.0

                          -IEEE 802.15.4









                          -also 6LoWPAN

Mobile Technologies

  • 2G, 3G, 4G, and also 5G

Wireless Technologies

  • Zigbee
  • 6LoWPAN over Zigbee
  • Wifi/Bluetooth

Current Trends using Cooja Simulator

  • Mesh Networks
  • Edge Computing
  • Digital Twins
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • IoT integration also with ONOS
  • Software Defined Networking also in WSN
  • Energy Monitoring Applications

Latest Open Source IoT Simulator Projects Topics

  • Build Cross Hybrid Deep Network for Energy Saving and also Domain Adaptation using Open Source Simulator in Visual Internet of Things Networks
  • 5G Enabled IoT Networks also for Soft Decision Iterative Control Channel Estimation using Cooja Contiki Simulator
  • Contiki OS with Edge Technologies based Immune System also for IoT based on Cooja Simulator
  • Satellite Backhaul Links for Internet of Things Connected Airliners (commercial) also over Cooja Network Simulation
  • Developing Smart-City Applications also for Managed Edge Computing over Internet-of-Things using Cooja Simulator
  • A Novel Architecture for Privacy and also Security Analyses for Children’s Toys in IoT using Contiki OS Cooja Simulator
  • sEMG Interactive System in IoT Design and Implementation also with the aid of Cooja Simulator
  • Cloud Classification an d Energy Efficiency also based on Contiki OS Multimodal GAN in IoT
  • Subjective Logic aided Self-Configuration without Commissioning also in Wireless IoT using Cooja Network Simulator
  • Symmetric Re-Encryption with FPGA for Secure Data Processing over Integrated Architecture of Cloud Enabled IoT also using Cooja Simulator