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Buy Simulator used in IoT Tutorial Code Online Major Simulators in IoT-Projects

  • Cooja IoT Simulator (Support also for Large Scale IoT Networks)
  • Iotify (Powerful Simulator to Develop Solutions also in the Cloud Environment)
  • MATLAB (Support Embedded Hardware – Arduino, and also Raspberry Pi)
  • NetSim (Testing performance for Real apps on Virtual IoT network)
  • Bevywise IoT Simulator (Simulation tool also for MQTT for IoT Devices)
  • Ansys IoT Simulator (Test the IoT Devices and Networks)
  • MIMIC IoT Simulator (Rapid Development, Testing, Training and also Deployment of Complex IoT Applications)
  • CupCarbon (IoT, and WSN Simulator also for Smartcity Applications)
  • iFogSim (Open source Simulator also for Fog Computing, Cloud Computing, WSN and IoT)

Major Concepts using IoT-Simulators

  • Network Partitioning or Segmentation
  • Synchronization
  • Load Balancing
  • Routing
  • Data Distribution

Major Research Area/Applications using IoT

  • Testing Performance of Routing Protocols also in IoT
  • Information Security Analysis (Cryptography) also in IoT
  • Healthcare Application also in IoT Simulation
  • Integration of IoT, Cloud and also SDN (Application Level)
  • Fine-grained Real System Development also using Contiki OS (Cooja Simulator)
  • Security and Privacy Applications also in IoT
  • Voice/Video Security also using OPNET with IPv6 Protocol

Let’s consider two use cases for simulation (Metrological Application), 

 Entities to Monitor Environmental Aspects
  • Air and also Dew Point Temperature (0C)
  • Timestamp
  • Humidity (%)
  • UV-B level
  • Wind Direction (Km/H)
  • Wind Speed (KM/H)
  • Rainfall (MM/Hour, MM/Day)
  • Barometric Pressure (hPa)

Simulator used: DISSECT-CF Simulator

Supported file format: CSV

Most Excellent Topics for IoT-Projects

  • REAMSec-IoT: Secure and also Reliable Model for Anomalous Measurement Identification using Energy Analysis
  • Design of RPL Routing Protocol also for Multiple Sinks through a Virtual Root using Contiki OS
  • Mobile Device Power Consumption and also Energy Optimization: A Unified Comprehensive Network Simulation Modeling
  • Design and Implementation of Energy Efficient Image Compression based on Curve Fitting Technique also in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network
  • Multipath Routing with Energy Balancing also using Cooja Network Simulator for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A Unified ISLAND Model Development also for Wireless Sensor Networks in Distributed Optimization
  • A Fault Tolerant and Self-Adaptive System Design over Contiki OS also for Dependable Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Routing Misbehavior Mitigation also using a Dummy Packet with Hybrid Security Framework for Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
  • Critical Environments Scenario also in Wireless Personal Area Networks for Mobile IP-based Protocol
  • Evaluation of Performance in a Context of Smart City Application also in Large Scale RF-Mesh Networks