PhD Guidance in Mobile Computing

PhD Guidance in Mobile Computing

    PhD Guidance in Mobile Computing is one of the most important service and we are delighted to be teaming up with 200+ employees from world leading countries. . Our recent development has touched many students and all efforts made by our top experts. At the same time, we are not restricting to meet our experts. They have full rights also for free movement. Mobile computing is the treasured and eternal research area that allows data/voice /video to be transmitted through a computer or any other device

Research topics of mobile computing include data dissemination in VANETs, controllable node mobility, mission-oriented sensor networks, privacy and security for data-centric networks. We also do this confidentially and emphatically so that nearly 500+ research proposals are also already accepted, and we get their necessary approvals. For your detailed information, contact our experts.

PhD Guidance in Mobile Computing Online New Trends in Mobile Computing

  • Mobile APIs and Services
  • Artificial Intelligence also for ubiquitous and mobile computing
  • Larger displays on smart phones
  • Narrow target audience
  • Device blurring
  • IoT approaches for mobile computing
  • Mobile SEO activities
  • Non-removable battery and also memory
  • Mobile Crowdsourcing
  • Mobile security taking center stage
  • Cloudification of everything
  • Google algorithm wise computing

Current applications in Mobile-Computing

  • Smart city applications
  • Digital fabrication
  • Data management also for mobile applications
  • Context and location sensing awareness
  • Connected dolls and also tell-tale teddy bears
  • Big data networking
  • 5G radio transmitter is designed also for the small 5Th generation base stations
  • Online security apps focus on self-regulation, and also parental control

Guidance in Mobile Computing

    PhD Guidance in Mobile Computing takes more welcoming approach towards students.According to the world’s research, researchers suffer from exposing their complete contribution, including their spending more money to accomplish it. To do this more successfully, we must present it in an innovative approach for students to make sure that their research. For this, our top experts proportionate and also communicated appropriately.

Major Research Areas in Mobile-Computing

  • OFDM
  • Pervasive networking
  • Presence awareness technology
  • RFID
  • Enterprise mobility management
  • Applications and infrastructure
  • Mobile device platforms and also technologies
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • Mobile video streaming

Development Tools and Software’s

  • NCTUns
  • LENA
  • Cellular-Data-Network-Simulator
  • MobiREAL
  • OpenMobster
  • Altova
  • MonoTouch
  • Mono Android
  • Firefox OS simulator
  • .NET framework
  • Ruby Motion
  • Black Berry
  • Inter XDK
  • Corona SDK
  • Android

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • NCTUns: Novel network simulator and also emulator that has many unique features over traditional networks
  • LENA: Open source product oriented EPC/LTE network simulator that allows vendors (LTE small and macro cell) to design self-organized network algorithms and also solutions
  • Cellular-Data-Network-Simulator: Dedicated Wi-Fi network simulator that monitor network usage and also simulate network link conditions for mobile applications.
  • MobiREAL: Novel network simulator also for ubiquitous society with mobile devices. It is also used to simulate realistic mobility of humans and auto mobiles.
  • OpenMobster: Open source mobile backend platform also that allows to integrating mobile applications with enterprise services
  • OMNEST: Simulation software to design various wired and wireless networks, interconnection networks, and also queuing based performance models.
  • Altova: Commercial software that use standardized XPath/XQuery to design the functional programming and also user interface.
  • MonoTouch: used for multi-touch based applications and also it write applications using .NET and C# frameworks.
  • JAVA ME: Java platform with micro edition that also offers a robust and flexible environment for mobile applications.
  • Mono Android: free and also open source software that been ported on Android OS that allows to build an android applications.
  • Firefox OS simulator: Simulates Firefox OS device runs on the desktop. This is the higher layers of Firefox OS.
  • .NET framework: Comprehensive programming model that also builds all kinds of applications on various OS to web to desktop.
  • Ruby Motion: Makes iOS apps in ruby programming language.
Lets some more tools and softwares
  • Black Berry: Devices and also services handheld in wireless manner and it functions as instant messaging, email messaging and also web-browsing etc.
  • Inter XDK: Development toolkit that is also used to develop mobile HTML5 apps for iOS, Windows 10, and Android.
  • Corona SDK: Software development toolkit also for building rich set of mobile apps.
  • IOS SDK: Software development toolkit also that provides APIs and services for iOS 10
  • Android: Mobile operating system also that designed android apps.

Major Research Topics in Mobile-Computing

  • Data and functionality migration
  • Location information based protocol design
  • Adaptive protocols
  • Security issues
  • Third generation networks
  • Automatic identification
  • Data capture in mobile and also wireless RFID
  • High speed access and also increase capacity
  • Wireless e-business applications
  • Authentication design protocol
  • SmartAntenna wireless technology
  • Automated vehicle location also based on GPS
  • Bandwidth optimization of wireless networks
  • Battery issues in mobile and also wireless networks
  • Binary runtime environment also for wireless applications
  • Broadband wireless networks
  • CDMA wireless networks
  • High speed circuit switched data
  • Free optics/wireless fiber/wireless optical networking
  • Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

      By extension, it follows that if one comes to know of the prospect of everlasting ideas. We do also not conclude, it is beyond the grasp of the mind and the senses or knowledge is perfect, infinite, absolute, and also complete. This is attainable also for our students; we also transcend their ignorance to the true nature of happiness.