PhD Guidance in Video Streaming

PhD Guidance in Video Streaming

      PhD Guidance in Video Streaming is our awe-some service which currently keeps moving for our student’s success. Getting your PhD degree is not an easy task, and alone you can’t make your as most successful one. Our world class certified engineers are very heartfelt to offer research guidance for our PhD students and also helps individuals to refine their ideas through deep discussions, telephone calls and long email queries. All of our experts are always attentive and active to provide their opinions on any research areas and also provide them with the pool of review papers, case studies, and drafts to getting insight into this respective field.

We are working on this field in more than 10 years as we know our students faced issues and solve their technical problems with short span of time. Our specialized experts have given you guidance, encouragement, great confidence and a tremendous amount of support throughput your research studies.

Next-Generation of Video-Streaming

  • Crowd Streaming
  • Wire cast for YouTube
  • 4K video streaming technology
  • VR streaming
  • Closed captions enables live streaming
  • 8K video streaming technology
  • Measuring engagement
  • OTT video live streaming
  • Multimedia mobile systems and services
  • Multimedia data in the cloud computing
  • Graphics, sound, displays, interfaces and also broadcasting of 3D data
  • GPU based multimedia systems and also architectures
  • Interactive and also pervasive media systems (pervasive gaming, mobile systems, and digital TV)

Guidance in Video Streaming

    PhD Guidance in Video Streaming is your platform to offer enormous research ideas and concepts for your academia/research. Video streaming is a current research topic which chosen by many researchers in behalf of its development and also emerging. Key research areas of video streaming includes video personalization and applied search, quality of service improvement without affecting the video quality and also power consumption video playing etc. Our video streaming supports in both technical and also research oriented (thesis preparation, paper writing, conference paper writing, paper publication etc.). Success is dependent on effort, come to us we also put small efforts to achieve great thing for your research completion.

Advanced Concepts in Video-Streaming

  • Video teleconferencing
  • Scalable video streaming
  • Standards also for coding
  • Wireless streaming and also broadcasting
  • Peer-to-peer streaming and also media systems
  • Systems and technologies in internet telephony
  • Novel quality measures development
  • Multi-view and also scalable coding
  • QoS and Multimedia networking
  • Mobile video and also audio streaming
  • Further compression for perceptual quality

Advanced Techniques in Video-Streaming

  • Data segmentation
  • Depth information in 3D
  • Media semantics and ontology
  • Annotation, learning and also concept detection
  • Story generation and also video summarization
  • Speaker identification and also localization
  • Storage systems, retrieval and also databases
  • Detection of object, text, event and also emotion
  • Video panorama, mosaic and also background generation
  • User preferences and also personalization
  • Media meta-modeling techniques
  • Classification and also clustering: Image, genre, audio and video

Development Tools and Software’s

  • AVIS
  • OpenSim
  • DenaCast
  • P2PTV
  • FFmpeg
  • Nimble Streamer
  • Wirecast
  • OPSS
  • Peer5
  • Open-LTE
  • SopCast
  • Ustream

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • AVIS: SVC based adaptive video simulator for simulation and used in various performance evaluation frameworks like SVEF, myEVALSVC, EVALVID etc.
  • OpenSim: Free available and open source software which is also used in advanced research.
  • DenaCast: Open source framework for P2P video streaming also for the OMNET++ simulation environment
  • P2PTV: Peer-to-Peer application and also known as PULSE used for P2P software applications development
  • FFmpeg: Open source and free software project that offers set of libraries and also programs for multimedia data haling.
  • Nimble Streamer: Freeware media server used for live streaming and other applications devices such as mobile devices, IPTV set-top boxes, and also internet connected TV sets.
  • Wirecast: Production tool for live video streaming and it is also used for live creation/on-demand broadcasts for the web.
  • OPSS: Oracle based application platform that also used for security purpose
  • Peer5: Operates Serverless P2P CDN for video streaming that also provides broadcasting solution of TV grade for the internet.
  • Open-LTE: Simulator and 3GPP LTE specifications that also used for mobile video streaming
  • SopCast: Open source and free multimedia tool that currently broadcasts a channel by also without the registration of particular channel.
  • Ustream: A powerful service or way also to provide cloud storage, customized video embedding, multi-screen compatibility.

Major Research Topics in Video-Streaming

  • Server Replication
  • Data Multi-homing
  • Air-time fairness
  • Power control
  • Congestion coherence
  • User mobility
  • Scalable coding
  • Traffic differentiation
  • Header compression
  • Scheduling also for video streaming
  • Multiple descriptive coding
  • Error differentiation and also wireless loss
  • Traffic prediction and also modeling for video streaming
  • Media-aware methods:




                    -Deadline scheduling

                    -Resource reservation