SDN Cloud Projects for Master Thesis Students

SDN Cloud Projects for Master Thesis Students

     SDN Cloud Projects for Master Thesis Students is one of our prime services started as a knowledge sharing platform for students and research scholars. We motivate our research scholars and students in research with the help of our experience and expertise worldwide.  Recently, we have served nearly 6000+ students through our 120+ branches worldwide. So We mainly focused on the quality of work and customer full satisfaction which extend our services in the globe.

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    SDN Cloud Projects for Master Thesis Students provide you innovative platform to shine your research career successfully. We support research scholars and students through our Master Thesis Students service effectively on SDN cloud to organize them for viva voice. Our ultimate aim is to motivate and equip students with knowledge in SDN to improve their academic grades in their academic.

We provide support for all types of students like undergraduate [BE, BTech], postgraduate [ME, MTech, MCA], and research scholars [MPhil, MS, PhD] in various disciplines like ECE, EEE, EIE, etc.

Now let’s have a glance a brief review of SDN cloud computing for your best understanding,

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Key Features of SDN-Cloud

  • It enables resource adaptation and easy reconfiguration to enhance QoS in cloud infrastructure
  • We provides the network operators and data centers to flexibly manage their networking equipment
  • It is used to overcome the challenges of cloud computing systems
  • Decouples the control and management of network from the data plane using software defined networking
  • Cloud computing capabilities with software defined networking integration
  • Extending the concept of virtualization to all the resources in a data centre using software defined cloud computing approach for automating the process of optimal cloud configuration
  • SDN based cloud federation using building blocks that are following,

-Core nodes which enables OpenFlow [switch traffic between edge nodes]

-Used to configure the flow forwarding tables in cloud backbone and provides WAN network visualization applications [SDN / OpenFlow based controller]

-Orchestration software [Manage resource management of storage / compute, inter-data center network management and inter-cloud workflow, enterprise and private data center federation

-Connects the enterprise and also cloud provider data center using OpenFlow enabled cloud backbone edge nodes

Tools and Software

  • SDN enabled cloud environment also using simulation framework
  • The joint allocation of network and also compute resource used to enables the simulation of policies based on cloudsim
  • Accelerate the innovation pace, accessible and also easy to learn testbeds
  • To evaluate the network allocation capacity policies
  • SDN based cloud data centers is also capable of evaluating resource management policies
  • To simplifies the simulation configuration and also reduces the learning curves to provide graphical user interface (GUI)
  • In measure both performance metrics to guarantee energy consumption and QoS to ensure cost reduction and also environment conservation used to simulate cloud data center, switches, physical machines, virtual topologies, and network links
OpenFlow[Omnet Framework] and iCanCloud:
  • SDN Openflow also using OMNET framework support
  • The simulation of cloud computing systems also using iCanCloud
  • SDN based cloud computing networking also using integration of both simulators
  • Quickly simulate uni-core and multi-core systems also for customizable VMS can be used
  • It is also prominent approach implements the SDN concept and offers high flexibility in the routing of network flows.
OpenStack+ Horizon GUI:
  • Web based user interface to OpenStack services support
  • Horizon [canonical implementation of OpenStack’s dashboard]
  • Creation and also quick identification of optimum flows from one host to another host support
  • Cloud and SDN support also for the consistent management
Juniper Conrail SDN on Ubuntu OpenStack:
  • Deploy Ubuntu OpenStack also using canonicals cloud service modeling tool-Juju and Juniper network contrail networking
Algorithms and Protocols Used:
  • Resource embedding algorithms
  • Adaptive scheduling algorithms
  • Workload scheduling algorithms
  • Open flow protocol
  • Adaptive alienated ant algorithm
  • Markov chain process bandwidth allocation
  • Agent based dynamic load balancing also in algorithm
  • Protocols like STP, OSPF, BGP, L2/L3 protocols etc
  • Firefly algorithm
  • Hybrid scheduling algorithm
  • Modified Floyd warshall also in algorithm
  • Bellman ford algorithm
  • Flow-Holding also in algorithm
  • Routing tree algorithms
  • Securing neighbor discovery protocol
  • Multipath scheduling protocol
  • Topology based algorithm
  • Block mapping of software defined also in protocol
  • Software defined dynamic optimization also in algorithm
  • Joint flow scheduling also in algorithm

Recent Research Topics

  • Industry 4.0 based on IoTs and also cloud computing using SDN-enabled network virtualization
  • Holt-Winters and genetic algorithm also with fuzzy logic for Dos/DDoS mitigation on SDN networks for game theoretical based system
  • Distributed scientific computing also using NSFGENI cloud enabled architecture
  • M2M networks also using cloud based 6LoWPAN Testbed using Sd-NFV as an energy efficient approach
  • Flexible data center networks also using improved SDN-based fabric
  • SDN-based cloud environments also using tenant-driven network traffic extraction
  • SDN environment also using security analysis as software-defined security
  • Provider and also delay for user in software defined data centers using joint optimization of bandwidth

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