Project Topics in Data Mining

Project Topics in Data Mining

     Project Topics in Data Mining offer you innovative idea to achieve your dream in research. We also have 100+ professionals who dedicated themselves to research to serve research scholars and students. Our professionals are updated latest topics themselves automatically when the technology was grown up. We also have a tie-up with the authorized universities and colleges for providing research guidance. 

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Online Project Topics in Data MiningTopics in Data Mining

     Project Topics in Data Mining provide you current techniques and new idea to familiar with data mining concepts. Our professionals are eagerly waiting to communicate with you to enhance your future brighter than ever. We also assist you through online and offline supports. Data mining generates new information from large pre-existing databases or datasets with the help of GUI integration tools.

Our alumni make us very innovative and trendy in research to accomplish the project well-organized manner. Let’s view crucial concepts and also algorithms in data mining for your review,

Crucial Concepts in Data-Mining

  • Boosting, Bagging and also Voting
  • Meta-Learning
  • Drill-Down Analysis
  • Predictive Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Text Mining
  • Data Reduction
  • Data-Preparation
  • Deployment
  • Stacking
  • Feature Selection
  • Stacked Generalization

Classification Algorithms in Data-Mining

  • Decision trees
  • Ruleset classifiers
  • K-means
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Apriori algorithm
  • EM algorithm
  • PageRank
  • AdaBoost
  • KNN
  • Naïve Bayes
  • CART
  • Cost-sensitive learning
  • Probability tress

       We have created and implemented new hybrid algorithms to improve our classification result accuracy compared to classical classification algorithms. Let’s view few hybrid algorithms also mentioned below for your reference,

Hybrid Classification Algorithms in Data-Mining

  • GA-SVM
  • Adaboost-SVM
  • Decision Tree-Naive bayes
  • Multi-Objective Evolutionary algorithms
  • Pruning-based K-Nearest Neighbor (Pb-KNN)
  • Cluster-based methods and also KNN algorithm
  • Attribute Overlapping Rate (AOR) algorithm
  • Spam Filtering Email Classification (SFECM)
  • K-means clustering and also Sequential Minimal Optimization (SMO) classification
  • Dimensionality reductionalgorithm and also dependence degree (DRND-DD)
  • General-purpose computing also on a graphics processing unit (GPGPU)
  • Spam filtering email classification (SFECM)
  • Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) and multi criteria decision making
  • Elman neural network and EMSR-LSSVM hybrid
  • Fuzzy C-meansalgorithm also with gravitational search algorithm
  • Ant colony particle swarmalgorithm(ACO-MPSO)
  • K-Means based on SA-PSO (simulated annealing (SA) algorithm and also particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm)
  •  SVD-based hybrid pattern search (SHPS)
  • Particle Swarm Stepwise algorithm (PaSS)

Latest Theories in Data-Mining

  • Sampling methods
  • Bayesian learning
  • Strategy
  • Data mining systems
  • Case-based reasoning
  • Clustering
  • Capability indices
  • Reasoning
  • Classification
  • Recommendation
  • Similarity- based
  • Conception learning
  • Similarity measures
  • Statistical learning
  • Novelty and Deviation
  • Detection Control Charts
  • Inductive learning
  • Experimentation

Recent Research Topics

  • Hybrid algorithm of data mining technique with the usage of anomaly detection approach
  • Decision trees in stationary data streams also using new splitting criteria
  • Associate rules from time series application to business and also financial using adaptive time series forecasting model
  • Sensor data correlation mining also with usage of hybrid gene expression programming
  • Big data outlier detection from electric power SCADA system using hybrid approach
  • Virtual view synthesis GPGPU also with accelerating image domain warping
  • Gain and graph mining algorithm also with usage of spam filtering email classification
  • Hybrid method also using distributed document clustering
  • Cyber physical systems also using local similarity imputation based on fast clustering for incomplete
  • MapReduce framework also with usage of hybrid data mining algorithm in cloud computing
  • User navigation pattern prediction also using improvised hybrid model
  • Fast mining frequent item sets also using effective hybrid algorithm
  • Data mining also using high performance computing framework
  • Shared nearest neighbour clustering also using scalable parallel algorithms
  • Frequent pattern mining also based on bloom filter for knowledge management framework for imbalanced

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