Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Thesis

Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Thesis

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Innovative Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Thesis Online Cloud Computing Thesis in Resource Allocation

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Significant Features of Cloud-Computing

  • Web browser also for GUI support
  • Pay per use makes cloud Green and also automation software’s, maximizing consolidation
  • Green cloud main characteristics is reduce carbon footprint emission, improves data center efficiency and also dematerialization
  • Provides resource virtualization which also enables efficient usage of energy and resources
  • Green resource allocator is act as an interface between consumers and also cloud infrastructure
  • Green cloud simulator contains the libraries of NS2 simulator
  • Cloud offers energy efficiency of every cloud provider and also carbon emission directory are two major components in cloud computing
  • To improve the efficiency of cloud data centers and also cloud computing applications using energy consumption and resource utilization

Parameters Considered for Resource-Allocation

  • Gossip [Peer resources, Peer information, Expert’s knowledge]
  • Auction [Market bid]
  • Application [Real time, SharedDB, Large scale, Data intensive]
  • SLA [QoS, Response time, also Throughput]
  • Hardware Resource Dependency [IO, Storage, CPU, also Communication]
  • Utility [Profit, Application satisfaction, also Response time]
  • VM [Speed, Type, Load, Cost]
  • Policy [Processor, Security]
  • Execution Time [Matchmaking]

Supported Programming Languages

  • Java [.java]
  • TCL [Toll Command Language – .tcl]
  • C++ [.cc]
  • C, Python and Ruby

Supported Software and Platform

Software Used:
  • Apache CloudStack
  • Cloudsim
  • Cloudify
  • LingCloud
  • Apache Hadoop
  • GreenCloud V2.1.2 [desktop supported version]
  • NextCloud
  • OpenNebula
  • Online GreenCloud simulator [Web based interface]
  • OpenStack
  • And also GreenCloud virtual machine V2.1.2 [Virtual machine supported version]
Platform Support:
  • Windows
  • MAC OS X
  • Work on any Debian also based system with 3.2+Kernel
  • Ubuntu 12.x and higher version
  • Linux
Tools Used:
  • Eclipse Juno-4.2

             -Eclipse community also using default platform

             -OSGi based applications also using Eclipse Virgo 3.5

  • NS2 network simulator
  • Agility Platform
  • RightScale cloud management
  • Puppet
  • CloudHub

Significant Algorithms and Methods in Cloud-Computing

  • Optimized resource scheduling
  • Heavy traffic optimal algorithm
  • Scheduling also with parallel genetic algorithm
  • Energy efficient optimization methods
  • Dynamic priority scheduling algorithm
  • Ant colony algorithm
  • Trust management algorithm
  • Pricing algorithm
  • Cost based RS paradigm
  • Green power management also in in virtual machines
  • Pareto based optimal scheduling
  • Hybrid multidimensional algorithm [Network aware scheduling]
  • BAR (Balanced Reduce Algorithm)
  • Load-Aware genetic algorithm
  • Co-evolutionary genetic also in algorithm
  • Task scheduling also in algorithm
  • Secure hashing algorithm
  • Augmented shuffled frog leaping also in algorithm
  • Non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm
  • Parallel block wiedemann algorithm
  • Virtual machine optimization also for high computing performance

Key Concepts in Cloud-Computing

Dynamic Provisioning:
  • The availability of services guarantee
  • Certain level of service quality ensured
Server Utilization:
  • Virtualization for better utilization
  • Less power consumption also for higher utilization of server will handle the workload
Multi Tenancy:
  • Carbon emission and also power consumption reduced
  • Scale up efficiency
Data center Efficiency:
  • Improve the power consumption strategy also in data centers using energy efficient technology
  • Cloud overall energy also usage decision making

Major Research Areas

  • Topology optimization also for virtual network
  • Dynamic resource allocation and scheduling also for energy aware
  • Efficient consolidation of virtual machines also for managing heterogeneous workloads
  • Thermal states and also cooling system operations using optimal solution
  • Fog computing and also networking
  • Rethinking security
  • Maritime data integration and also analysis
  • Secure distributed big data storage
  • Data reuse and also replication
  • Resource selection and also provisioning are QOS based

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