SCI Journal List for Computer Science

Generally, it is good to select the journal for publication before starting to write the research manuscript because it is easy to develop the research paper as per the guidelines highlighted in the journal. If the research scholars need even more guidance on how to select a research sci journal list for computer science, well and good we are here with the team of research experts who guide for the researchers to narrow down the focus through shortlisting as per the importance.

Guidelines to Select a Journal

The journal publication is the foremost and most complicated task for the PhD scholars and to compete with several research concepts in the contemporary research field. The research ideas have to focus the real-time issues which stimulate the readers to pay even more attention to the research manuscript. Researchers have to concentrate on their task to publish the research papers in reputed journals such as Scopus, IEEE, Springer, SCI Journals, etc.

Notably, SCI is considered the finest journal publication with numerous indexed journals based on computer science. The research scholars have to notice several research concepts in the selected research field to develop their research using advanced technologies. Our research professionals suggest the standard principles for paper publication and the benefits of publishing a research paper.

Top Sci Journal List for Computer Science

Once the journal is selected for publication then take time to read a collection of research articles that are already published, particularly the selected research articles that should be relevant to the decided research areas and to develop the research. While reading and referring to several research papers, it is assistive for the researchers to get an understanding based on what the editors are looking for and guide the writing efforts.

In this article, we have suggested a few recent and significant research topics to precede the research in the field of sci journal list for computer science. In addition, we have highlighted the substantial research notions in the following for your reference.

Hot Research Topics in Computer Science

  • Virtual augmented reality
    • Scene analysis and reconstruction
    • Robot perception and learning
  • Brain-computer interface
    • Mental status identification
    • Environment and user-adaptive BCIs
  • Computer graphics
    • Geometry processing and modeling
    • Multi-resolution modeling
  • Pattern analysis machine intelligence
    • Object detection through deep learning
    • Psychology behavioral models
  • Deep learning
    • Tumor segmentation and interpretation
    • Anosmia feature by COVID-19
  • Artificial intelligence
    • Knowledge-based learning through multi-agents
    • Industrial production control
  • V2X communication
    • Enhanced MAC protocol design
    • Clustering and routing packets
  • Mobile communication
    • SDN and NEV mobile communication
    • Physical layer mobile communication
  • Telecommunication
    • Small cell management and optimization
    • Ultra-wideband for multimedia streaming
  • M2M communication
    • Spectral efficiency improvement
    • Short and long-range mesh communication sensor

In general, computer science is considered the topical and wide-ranging research field among research scholars. The research scholars have to select the research topic based on contemporary research issues gathered from the benchmark research papers.

While writing a research manuscript we have to make it through clear language which should accessible to readers. In addition, we always stand with publication ethics and be unique with the content. Our research professionals in computer science have years of experience in writing research papers and publishing high-quality research papers in reputed journals. The research scholars can contact us to reach better heights in their research careers.

Download the following attachment based on the SCI journal list for computer science and for your ease, we have listed the journals with impact factors, and the name of the publisher. It is easy for the researchers to know about computer science-based SCI journals.

Recent Sci Journal List for Computer Science