Wireless Communication Projects

Wireless Communication Projects

     Wireless Communication Projects provide best environment for you to achieve grand goal in your miraculous research. We provide highly modernized research topics for you to chosen sophisticated research topics with the help of our magnificent experts who have high experience in wireless communication research. In that, We have seen 10+ patches of students in the past ten years. We give best of best for our students (BE, BTech, ME, MTech) and research scholars (PhD/MS) to reach Everest’s pinnacle in their future. Today, our thousands of trained students are working in the world’s top research centers and companies. If you are aspiring to get our admirable guidance, approach us.

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Top 20 Wireless Communication projects with source code Online Projects in Wireless Communication

    Wireless Communication Projects offer ingenious ideas for you with the vision of serve our innovative ideas for midst of our students and research scholars. We also have prepared the best Wireless Projects in advanced research using highly efficient algorithms and techniques. We also have dedicated knowledge in various programming languages C/C++, Python, Java, .NET, etc. We can choose any programming language which is your favorite or interesting language.

We also give complete independence for you to select software and tools. If you want our guidance on your topic, contact us as we are always eager to guide you. Our world level certified professionals are only working for you to accomplish your research career successfully. Here, we highlighted very few important aspects of Wireless Communication.

  • IR Wireless Communication
  • Mobile Communication
  • Satellite Communication Network
  • D2D (Device to Device) Communication
  • Bluetooth and ZigBee Technology
  • Wi-Max and Wi-Fi
  • Satellite Communication
  • Green Communication
  • Optical Communication
  • 5G Wireless Communication Networks
  • Underwater Fiber Wireless Communication
  • Green Cellular Communication Networks
Required Innovations for Overcome Challenges in Wireless Communication:
  • Innovative Ideas for Deal with Interference
  • Mechanism for Higher Frequency (Visible Light and 60 MHz)
  • High Density MIMO
  • More Efficient Protocols and Frameworks
  • Spectrum Sensing and Reuse
Future Wireless Communication Technologies:
  • Novel Signal Processing Algorithm at PHY (Environment Aware Applications)
  • Distributive Network Design such as

             -Delay Tolerant Networks

             -Cognitive Radio Networks

             -Sensor Networks

             -Vehicular Networks

  • Implement Information Theory Together with System like

             -Interference Alignment

             -Physical Layer Security

             -Wireless Network Coding

Major Protocols for Wireless-Communications

  • Power Aware Medium Access Control Protocol
  • Mobility Based Temperature Aware Protocol
  • Priority Guaranteed Medium also in Access Control Protocol
  • Channel Aware Polling Based MAC Protocol
  • Energy Efficient Heterogeneous Ring Clustering Routing Protocol
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Device Management Protocol
  • OFDMA Two-Symbol Coordination also MAC Protocol
  • Delay Sensitive Multicast Protocol
  • Fairness Oriented Medium Access Control (MAC) Protocol
  • Third Party Password also Based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol
  • Hierarchy Energy Efficient Routing Protocol
  • Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol
  • Packet Data Convergence Protocol
  • Energy Efficient Receiver Centric MAC Protocol
  • Trustworthiness also Based Ad Hoc Routing Protocol

      We support a wide range of wireless communication research areas, including green communication, mobile communication, vehicle communication, and also mobile communication. Wireless communication networks adopt by various industries to provide service to various applications. Today, wide ranges of industries also demand secure information during communication via satellite, mobile, vehicle, etc.

It also increased the scope in wireless communication research. Let’s we have a glance over some of the advanced research topics for your Wireless Communication Projects.

Advanced Research Topics for Wireless-Communication Projects

Green Communication:
  • Optimize Delay Performance and Energy Consumption also in Internet of Things
  • Reliable and Green Communication Modeling also for Industrial IoT
  • Transmission of Green Video also in Mobile Cloud Networks
  • Intelligent Traffic and Energy Coordination also for Green Cellular Communication Networks
  • Green Radio Technology for Energy Consumption also in Communication Towers
  • Sustainable and Green Cellular Base Station also for Future Research
  • Hybrid Energy Sharing System also for Green Cellular Communication Networks
Satellite Communication
  • Pseudo Inter-Digital Structure also for Satellite communication
  • Reconfigurable On-Board Processing (Satellite Communication Framework)
  • Joint Cooperative Spectrum Opportunity and also Sensing for Satellite Cluster Communication
  • E-Band Downlink Wireless Data Transmission (Future Satellite Communication)
  • Cloud Free Line also Based Sight prediction Modeling (Optical Satellite Communication Framework)
  • Multi-Band Omni-Directional Antenna also for MIMO Applications
Mobile Communication
  • Transmit Channel Measurement Information also Using Method in Mobile Communication Framework
  • Transmit Reception Acknowledgement Information also Using Novel Methods and Devices
  • Efficient Multi Factor Authenticated Key Exchange System also for Mobile Communication
  • Enhance Energy Efficiency also with Channel Condition Based Activation
  • Secure Message Key Caching Using Framework and also Novel Method
  • Improve Mobile Hotspot Network System (High Speed Railway Communication)
Vehicle Communication
  • Bluetooth Low Energy in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication also for Dynamic Information Sharing
  • Spectrum Allocation and Joint Routing also for Multi-Hop Inter Vehicular Communication
  • Prevent Motor Vehicle Collisions also Using Distance Control Device and Novel Method in Driving Situation
  • Design of Joint Control Communication also for Reliable Platooning in Vehicle Hybrid Traffic
  • Image Sensors Using Probability also Based Algorithm to Track LED in Vehicle VLC (Visible Light Communication System)
  • Moving Zone Based Routing Protocol also for V2V Communication

      We also previously pointed out some interesting information about Wireless-Communication Projects such as research areas, ideas to overcome challenges, future wireless communication technologies, protocols, and the latest research topics. And also, We listed limited content for your reference. For further guidance, you can also approach us immediately.

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