Wireless Thesis in Network Simulator 2

Wireless Thesis in Network Simulator 2

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Let’s see important aspects and recent research areas about NS2 for your review,

About Ns2

  • Performed wired and also wireless network simulation
  • Analyze performance of overall network and also NS2 is free simulator
  • Popular Scientific environment simulator
  • Easy to configure also your network parameters
  • Providing collaborative environment increase confidence also in result
Purpose of
  • Analyze current nodes behavior in network.
  • Well-defined network metrics help also to quantify the network performance
  • Network applications and also protocols behavior modeled by NS2
  • Support networking research and also education [protocol design, traffic studies etc.]
  • Support also for new architecture designs
Steps in writing a simulating script
  • Event scheduler creation
  • Turn on tracing
  • Network creation
  • Routing setup
  • Errors insertion
  • Transport connection creation
  • Traffic creation
  • And also in Application level data transmission

Important Research Areas in Ns2

Vehicular Ad hoc Networks:
  • Precaution safety
  • Channel access
  • Roadside to vehicle communication
  • Event driven warning message propagation
  • Inter vehicle communication
  • Inter vehicle spacing distribution
  • Exchange information about traffic and also road conditions
  • Inter roadside communication
  • Emergency event broadcasting
  • Packet transmission safety
Wireless Sensor Networks:
  • Battery level monitoring
  • False sensing information [Attackers]
  • Body sensor networks
  • Clustering techniques
  • Traffic management
  • Congestion avoidance
  • Real time indoor environment monitoring
  • Military application related sensing also in applications
  • Caution information [measure change in environment]
  • Energy constrained routing
  • Environment sensing capability
Mobile Ad hoc Networks:
  • QOS based effective routing also in protocol
  • Concepts of mobility constrained
  • Active route cache also in optimization
  • Vehicle to vehicle communication
  • Mechanism also follows congestion control
  • Other networks collaboration
  • Network [same or different] handover
Cognitive Radio Networks:
  • Allocation and also in spectrum sensing
  • Spectrum optimized use
  • Cognitive capacity harvesting networks
  • Decision making
  • MAC layer sensing
  • Spectrum allocation
Other important Research areas:
  • Visual sensor network
  • Robotic sensor network
  • 5G networks
  • WSAN
  • Underwater acoustic networks
  • And also in Optical networks etc.

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