Network Projects for Master Thesis Students

Network Projects for Master Thesis Students

              Network Projects for Master Thesis Students endeavors great potential research projects and theses for master and PhD students. Our world-class certified engineers carry students to enhance their research work in an innovative way. By approaching various kinds of efforts in networking, we develop the most effective projects. Most often, students started their research work on networking areas to explore various approaches in design. By the end of project completion, students need to prepare a thesis to complete their graduation.

We have provided 2000+ thesis for students from 120+ countries, and our knowledge is versatile to handle students in innovative ways. We offer advanced topics and also recent research areas for students to design projects in networking. Now, this is the time to select a topic. If you don’t have any idea to select which topic will also be suitable for current trends, we guide you to select the best topic. Approach us also for the selection of topics……….

Network Projects for Master Thesis Students Online

Projects for Master Thesis Students

            Network Projects for Master Thesis Students offers broad range of research ideas and topics for students to prepare their thesis in networking. To take up a networking project, you need to have a top expert’s guidance who has strong knowledge in both practical and theoretical experiments. Today, there’s a lot of research on networking like M2M, IoT, cybersecurity/network security, cloud systems, application, and networks

Over the past ten decades, many of our technical team members are research active in science, engineering, and computing technologies. This ensures our standard and also experience in network projects. We also have provided a few about networking for students to get an idea about network projects.

Next Generation of Networking Areas

  • Hype over 5G
  • Ambient Backscatter
  • Multi-band Routers Rise
  • 4D Networks
  • 100% uptime and also sub-millisecond transfer rates

Networking in Wireless Networks

  • Privacy and also Security in wireless network virtualization
  • Virtual Test Labs and also Network federation
  • Optimal utilization of network and also communication resource by virtualization
  • Advanced algorithms and protocols also for dynamic network virtualization
  • Network virtualization technologies also for 5G wireless networks

Networking in 4D Networks

  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Stability features
  • Overcome stability problems

Networking in Cloud Computing

  • Virtual test labs and also in network federation
  • Segmented usage and adoption
  • Cost containment and management
  • DaaS: Security Risks of an Emerging Cloud Service model
  • Network Function Virtualization and also Mobile Cloud computing

Networking in 5G Networks

  • Massive MIMO and also 3D MIMO
  • Advanced Indoor Positioning System
  • M2M Massive Access Technologies
  • Cloud-RAN reduces energy consumption

Networking in Internet

  • Green Internet
  • DNS and Content Replication
  • Ubiquitous Computing systems
  • Future Internet Federation and also Virtualization
  • Networked systems
  • Vehicular communications
  • Embedded Systems

Interfacing in Networks

  • TraNS Simulator is interface also with SUMO and NS2 for traffic network simulation
  • Mininet interface also with NS3
  • BRITE interface also with NS3
  • Web interface also with NS2

Development Tool’s and Software’s

  • OFNet
  • NetSim
  • EstiNet
  • OpenStack all-in-one
  • Cloonix
  • CORE
  • GINSim
  • NeSSI
  • NS2
  • NS3
  • And also in Graphical Network simulator

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • OFNet:

    New software network emulator also that evaluates SDN controller performance by generating traffic and monitoring of OpenFlow messages

  • NetSim:

    Boson’s Proprietary Simulator to create individual packet

  • EstiNet:

    OpenFlow network simulator and also emulator for doing research and simulation software defined networks

  • OpenStack all-in-one:

    Scripts to help installation support also for OpenStack on a single machine

  • Cloonix:

    Network simulator also that provides relatively easy-to-use graphical user interface.

  • CORE:

    Common Open Research Emulator also that provides GUI interface for network

  • GINSim:

    Gene Interaction Network Simulator to model and also simulate genetic regulatory networks.

  • NeSSi:

    Network Security Simulator also that incorporated into different features to distinguish the network security

  • NS2:

    Discrete event simulator for networking research and its work at packet level that provides substantial support also for TCP and multicast routing

  • NS3:

    Discrete event network simulator that developed also for network research an education purpose

  • Graphical Network simulator:

    Network software emulator to design and also configure virtual networks (combination of virtual and also real devices)

Major Research Areas

  • Optical wireless networks
  • Network management and also measurement
  • Network visualization and also security
  • 5G and LTE-C Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Networking
  • Internet topology mapping applications
  • Big data Networking
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access and also Security
  • Online Social Networking Appliances also based on Cloud
  • Heterogeneous Networking

Research Topics in Networking

  • Simulation of Network protocol behavior analysis
  • Defense applications (UHF, HF, VFH MANET, and also tactical data links)
  • Working with 5G networks and CRN
  • Modification of existing network impact assessment
  • Data centers design validation, enterprise and also sensor networks
  • QoS improvement and also network life time etc.
  • Offloading in HetNets
  • IEEE 802.11ah based networks also for energy consumption
  • Privacy preserving crowd sensing
  • Protecting spectrum access systems also for sensor networks
  • Large scale, high density persistent and also energy efficient wireless monitoring
  • Geo-based content sharing
  • Interference avoidance in 802.11
  • Multi-bitrate video caching also in mobile edge computing networks

      We also hope that this is slightly curious for students who are doing projects of a master thesis in networking. If you also need to refine your thesis strategy, contact our top thesis writers to reflect on what you have required. Consult our organization also for further relevant information

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